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  1. Are there any, modern, guides to the Lee and Stort. The only guide I have is from 1965 and my memory is from boating there in the mid 70s - boat was based there by the ice cream "factory". 

    I would like to boat to the end of the canal in Hartford by the pub if that is still possible.

    Cheers in advance,




    9 minutes ago, Derek R. said:

    I refer to the rams head on a butty 

    Oops, silly me.

    Any way - the point I was trying to make, poorly as it goes, is that counter bands in a tunnel are not really that visible.

    I just think they look good on the back of a motor - I like mine any how.

  3. 10 hours ago, Derek R. said:


    a) If you had a steamer in front of you - you would probably be in the process of being towed by it, so you wouldn't be catching it up

    The earliest pictures of boats with counter bands were of the FMC steamers. These boats often boated fly and indeed if they were towing a train of boats you would not be able to see the bands. Lot of people call these bands tunnel bands and believe they are there as a safety feature in tunnels and some call them navigation bands.

    Your point about electric lights in the back cabin - FMC use paraffin to the end and if you are towing a butty you might not see much from the cabin lights.

    And as Roland said You can’t see someone’s counter bands in the tunnels they are too low . If the boat was empty the deck board and cratch would still be up.


    In close to 60 tears of boating I don't thing I have ever seen a wholly white rams head on a motor.


    As too fetid dingo's kidneys, first it is a Douglas N Adams quote and better than saying a load of old bollocks.

  4. I've been reading about these , counter bands, on the friendly narrowboat do dah on that FB thing and I thought what a load of fetid dingo's kidneys. As for making your self more visible in tunnels really. Steamers had counter bands and I would have thought that, 1) all the smoke would be a clue that there might be a boat ahead of me and 2) I would be unable to see the boat ahead of me because of all the smoke etc. 3) and as diesels motors took over from 'orse boats and steamers they often boated with a butty so you still would not be able to see the counter bands. 4) I don't think that the old paraffin lamps would be able to shed more than a modest glow lighting up the tunnel walls either side of your stem so it seems unlikely that they pick up the counter bands of a boat in front unless you were right up to their tipcat.

    And lastly I would have to be so close to the boat in front of me in a tunnel to see the counter bands that I would be able to see the boat anyway.


    If they were really there as some sort of safety feature why did not the 'orse boats/butty boats have bright flashes on their arses.


    Just asking that's all.

  5. OMG, yet another boat based on a large Northwich - not.These boats look as if they were built by people who had heard about these mythical craft but had not actually see one. 

    I have a 200 year old book about animals of the know world and it is obvious that the person illustrating the book has not seen some of the subjects in the flesh as it were.


    I feel sorry for the people who really believe that they have paid out for an accurate replica of an historic hull shape.

    The only thing that I can see that it has in common with a large Northwich is that it is built in steel and floats; are there any other points that I might have missed?



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