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  1. Is it me or are some people desperate to crawl up their own own arse on here. I asked a simple question which was does anyone know a good installation guy in my area . If so, thanks. The official guys are quite expensive, that's obvious. I also said I didn't want a cowboy. Who does? If you don't know know, don't bloody answer. If you do, I'd really appreciate it. End of. Sorry. Frustration.
  2. I've decided on one of these heaters for my 27' x 9' cruiser. Its in Worcester but even though I'm buying it from the official dealer I can't afford any of their official partners installation costs. I don't have the skills to do it myself. I have all the parts necessary. Are there any non cowboys around who can install with 2 outlets into a a cruiser like mine for 300? https://planarheaters.co.uk/store/ols/products/planar-diesel-heater-kit-2kw-12-or-24-volt
  3. This NABO argument makes total sense. Boaters shouldn’t have to wonder if their vessel is ‘suitable’ for CRT specs. Which is why a navigation’s full superstructure dimension limit was important for arched bridge research.
  4. Thou doth presume. May I point out that inexperience on the canalworld forum does not an inexperienced boater make. Nor does inexperience on the Grand Union with a wide beam cruiser. Having said that, I should get off my high horse and concede that I am relatively inexperienced 😟
  5. Nice one! More than welcome to a little piss take if it steers things back on topic 😀 (I think Bidford-On-Avon was the meaning, I'm not familiar with the place)
  6. Start your own separate thread please, kids.
  7. Coming out of Bradford-On-Avon lock is my worst blackspot for this. Can barely squeeze my Norman 20 through sometimes the way the hire boats on one side and towpath moorings come together like Amersdam rooftops. The Companies should sort their houses out and either have the space or not have so many boats.
  8. That's really useful thanks! To address a couple of your points more closely, I don't mind steering close to the far bank to avoid narrowboats as I have auto tilt which clears my sterndrive from danger which is my main priority and gliding through branches hopefully won't cause lasting damage (I'm happy to be challenged on this). I'm 7' x 9' with the my wheelhouse off so may or may not struggle more than you with some of those bridges, being taller but more narrow. I'll get as far as I can with Calcutt slipway my target destination. ATM I've decided against risking Stockton Lane pa
  9. Brilliant little marina, Michael's place. Next to the Mill Club and the Avon Authority and my home town. If Stratford proves a hassle I'll go straight back to home turf!
  10. https://www.wyremarinaboatyard.co.uk/services.html Plan B Wyre Piddle marina at Pershore
  11. Slipway looks good. Access a nightmare.
  12. I'll go and dig the thing out myself ready for my arrival to save on towage (sorry, trucking fees) followed by taking a few chunks out of Stockton Lane Bridge. Hope that Blue Lias pub mentioned earlier keeps a well stocked cellar...
  13. Do you have any more info on why that proposed link has been so opposed by these influential people, John? Depends on the type of wheels and fenders I've got on my GRP Well, make a silly comment expect a silly response...
  14. If necessary (and I'll have to clarify the slipway at Stratford) then I'll go in at Wyre Piddle nr Pershore. It's a marina I know very well and they have excellent slipway facility and my family live in Pershore 10 mins walk away
  15. Totally accurate, that man. Towed from Calcutt Marina by road to Stratford-Upon-Avon and boat back to Evesham (my starting point)
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