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  1. Thanks all for great information especially the Folk and Boat dates as these are in the middle of my time away, but I should have passed out and back by the time people start to get there. Stone wasn't a big concern, more how busy it gets. Middlewitch with the close roads was more my concern, should have used another word other than "Safe", I suppose I was looking for the nice quiet mooring places (both in terms of boat numbers and noise) all of us enjoy. I like to be out in the country, only staying in towns as a last resort or pausing to restock supplies as needed. I definitely will be exploring the Weaver, so any recommendations on turning left or right and any good pubs etc. Again thanks, the more we share information the better it is for all of us 🙂
  2. Hi All, starting to plan a long trip to the Anderton Boat lift in the summer and looking for feedback on places to moor, My route plan shows stops overnight at Stone Bridge no 96 or near the middle of Stone, what is it like there, any issues? Likewise stopping at bridge 166 nearing the outskirts of Middlewich. Is it safer to moor up short of each of these locations, the rest of the overnights are all good as far as I can see, some being known to me already. Thanks for any input, cheers Dai
  3. Sam, thanks for this, do you more details on the blending valve thingy?, thanks
  4. Thanks all interesting views and comments, many valid points of view and lots of information on the this washer works with this as well. I think, having slept on it overnight, will try the twin tub as a simple solution for the moment see how we get on when on our first six week trip then revisit the higher cost (and substantial boat alterations) option. Still interested in views and info, thanks again
  5. Thanks for the info, seems it is a bit of a risk trying to get the right machine with the right inverter and more. Could be an expensive gamble as well, food for thought.....
  6. RAM, Do you use on cold wash or all temps? Seems a 2000 watt inverter may be enough. Still tempted with the £100 twin tub as an experiment
  7. I must admit am starting to lean towards a try of the twin tub, a small gamble of under £100 or nearly £1000 and lots of work!! 🤔🤔 Seems the twin tub will do almost anything bar a duvet cover. Can soon find a laundrette for that, will fit in the shower tray to run and empty. thanks for usrful input 👍👍
  8. Hmmm seems this is not as easy as I thought, is there a list anywhere of what works with what. Anyone got a Candy and which inverter do they have? Thanks to all that have commented.
  9. Alan, thanks, yes it seems 1600 is peak load, assume with heater element on. Had Sterling products for long time never had issue but will look at others as well. Thanks for views. I wonder if othets have used with a genny?
  10. Did think of this but more cost effective option desired by SWMBO😉
  11. So, as I will be spending more time afloat, i am thinking of retro fitting a washing machine, I have looked at the Zanussi ZWC1301 Compact Washing Machine and have a space I can create to house it. I loose the cupboard under the bathroom sink, but hardly use that so seems good, and it is on the center line so not tricky reballasting 🙂 The question is one of power requirement, from looking at the tec spec, the max draw is 1600 watts. I have two options I suppose, upgrade my inverter to a Sterling Power Pro Power SB Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12v 2200w, that will draw from my 4 leisure batteries at 110Ah each, run the engine at same time to keep juice going to them and not wipe them out power wise. Or I do have SDMO Booster 2000 generator, able to maintain 1700 watt continuously. Has any one powered a washing machine from a Booster 2000? Or do I play safe with larger inverter? Views and opinions most welcome, many thanks Dai
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