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  1. Thanks LadyG, you're a star. I've also been told off now for sending you 'political content' 😳 If I really can't delete myself can I delete my posts ? This really is not for me, to use young people's speak, too many 'micro-aggressions' 😎
  2. Hi Wotever, thanks for advice. Can you show me how to delete my account please. This forum is not for me. I've spent 1/2 an hour trying to find out to delete my account but there doesn't seem to be an option.
  3. Hi again Boris, Did you know boater Harry Gwynne was a Brexit Party Candidate at the last election ? https://twitter.com/harry_gwynne?lang=en I reckon his boat will sink on 1st Feb 😰
  4. Hi Nick, Thanks for your reply and for your advice, it's appreciated. Yes, I have the same alternators as you. Still on a learning curve about electrics ! Apparently you're a bit of a monster ? I think not ! I've only been on the site 24 hours and I'm already trying to work out how to delete my account. There are some people seem to think request for advice = response with sarcasm. Not you though Martin Thanks for advice. I'm glad somebody finally explained to me what a search button is in easy to understand words.
  5. Thank you for being polite to me I'd like to ask you about Jono if that's ok. I really appreciate the way he goes into great detail in his videos. But you right to say he throws shed loads of money at the problem regarding lithium batteries. Could you kindly point me in the direction of more cost effective solutions ? I'm on board, as they say, for lithium batteries but don't want to install them until I know blowing them up is not an option ! I've bought two Relion 100ah batteries. Thanks. Martin
  6. Thank you. That one's not obvious ! I'm getting stick elsewhere for posting about Lithium batteries when there are apparently a lot discussions out there already. I've only been on the site 24 hours, not familiar with how it works, and I'm already getting told off
  7. For people telling me to 'pleeeeese use the search facility' I'm new to this site from today and don't yet know how it works. So a bit of patience please.
  8. Hello, I have a sailaway boat and am looking to install lithium batteries for my new electrics system.. Notwithstanding the price I would welcome anyone’s views and experiences with lithium batteries. And which make the went with if they chose to install them. I've already noticed there are a few problems in the pipeline with lithium batteries. For example please watch this video put out by Victron and Journey with Jono. “How not to blow up your alternator when charging with lithium”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgoIocPgOug Have any lithium battery users encountered this or any other problems of this type and how did you overcome them? Thanks Martin
  9. Am new to this site so not sure when I use 'Reply' who I'm replying to ! So hopefully this is getting to YOU. Thank you so much for all the advice. Regards Martin
  10. Hi, Thanks for the diagram, and every answer begs another question ! If the system has a twin alternator does that mean it doesn’t require a split charger ? Also, would you kindly have a more enlarged version of the diagram that includes tthe other things that would go into a system such as Battery Monitor, Solar Power connections, Battery Management System ? Thanks Martin
  11. Hello, I have a 57’ sailaway about to go in the water and need to think about the electrics control and management systems, such as the inverter charger, the BMS and the rest. Could anyone point me in the direction of a diagram or website that shows me a typical narrowboat electrical layout from the twin alternators to the 12v and 240v fuse boards and everything in between. Many thanks. Martin
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