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  1. Phil and Jess

    Phil and Jess

  2. Thank you so much for all your replies and information. It's very much appreciated. Really looking forward to our trip at the end of June. I do have one further question if I could have your suggestions please... Boat security... How safe is it leaving the boats moored up while we go into pubs / towns etc. Do we need to lock the boats doors.. Do they come with locks etc.. Do we need to bring anything with us to lock them up?... Sorry if this is a silly question but we are really new to this and are totally clueless. Thanks Phil & Jessica
  3. Thanks Phil... yeah, seems like great advice. It's exactly what we will do. That way we get River and Canal. Thanks for the warning about the locks.. That's going to be a weird experience for someone who's never even seen one let alone trying to operate one.. We might spend the whole week stuck in Pershore getting out of the first lock hahaha
  4. Thanks for your input OldGoat.. Not Interfering at all. I welcome any / all comments as I know nothing. I like the idea of getting onto the Stratford Canal for the taste of a real Canal rather than a river. I have also read a few posts from people saying the Full Ring will be a bit tight time wise for what he want. As English Pubs and sightseeing will be the order of the day. while doodling along the river / canal without a care in the world.. Sounds perfect ?
  5. Thanks for the Info Matty. It's my wife's 50th Birthday and she wanted to go on a Canal in England. She has a lot of her friends coming over from California. They have never been on or even seen a canal before. I would imagine we will be stopping at a few pubs on the way. As we have the boats for the week.. Then we can take our time getting there if it's about 7 hours per day. Looks like we might have time to come back and go to Tewkesbury before taking the boats back
  6. Hi Everyone, We have hired 2 60ft narrow cruiser boats for our first time on the Canals for a group of 14 Adults. We hired them from Pershore for 1 week. Knowing absolutely nothing about Canals I would like to know how long it would take to get from Pershore to Stratford Upon Avon please. Thank you in Advance Phil & Jessica
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