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  1. Got a 5kw Morso multifuel with a back boiler running 2 double radiators and a towel rail centrally placed. Usually only have one rad and the towel rail on and find that the boat is easy warm enough. I do wear about four t-shirts and slipper socks in the winter months though.
  2. Hello Sadly i cannot upload a picture due to the file size. I had a leaking chimney which is now fixed but it has left me with some rusting on the top plate around the collar. I'm thinking wire brush, sanding and then putting on an application of paint. Just wondering what peoples general recommendations are, particularly regarding the type of paint i should be looking at? I'm hoping to paint it tomorrow morning and then it will have a couple of days drying time before i restart the fire. The stove is a black multi fuel standard Morso (can't r
  3. Thanks WotEver, I'm assuming the voltage should read as something similar to what my battery is showing within a healthy range 12.3-12.8v?
  4. Thanks Tony Will have a proper check of the glow plug and voltage going in, aswell as checking my fuel and filters.
  5. Will do, thanks for the advice and i will get my volt meter on it when i get back. Apart from voltage is there anything else worth checking?
  6. Sorry forgot to add about the voltage. My batteries sit at around 12.5v about an hour after the sun has gone down according to my battery moniter. Same as what they've been doing all year. Never tried it with the engine running, will try this.
  7. Hi All First time post, long term reader of these pages and the sound advice often found on these pages. Got a problem with my webasto thermotop C/E...thinking I've perhaps left it on too long the other night when i forgot about it watching telly. Basically it knocks on fine, starts going through its usual process of ticking away and sounding like a distant jet engine. This goes on for about 10 minutes before it shuts down. When i first noticed i took the fuse out between battery bank and the webasto and gave it a clean and check over. Also unplugged the control pa
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