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  1. Thanks David. this is the way I had read their criteria. I am still trying to convince SWMBO that it is a good idea but she values her land base so may have to do this alone with occasional visits from her. But I would intend to keep on the move as much as possible.
  2. Correction to previous post,, if turning left into arm would turn left again on leaving. ☺️
  3. Thanks Brian, would certainly go forward unless a dead end then would need to reverse but if turned left into it,, then turn right out of it. ?
  4. Hi Alan, Interesting reading, My intention would be to travel around (as that seems to be my "need") as much as possible so hopefully would meet the CC requirements. I do realise they monitor but to cruise the network stopping here and there for periods dependent of stay allowance I would be moving from area to area and not returning to any set place often if at all. Of course,, this all depends on me selling said motorhome and purchase of said boat. ?
  5. Thanks Alan I must read up fully on the CC requirements. I knew there is a requirement to move but was not aware of any annual distance requirements.
  6. Would expect the first clip as it is a working boat. Cannot do the blacking much good though. ? Alan. In the second clip the ice did not seem too thick and indeed it petered out after a short time/distance. Surely if it is really thick it is unwise to move through it unless in an emergency not just to maintain CC movement. ??
  7. Hi again 4-50. I was asking if you are a CC'er or not. I realise the requirement for CC'ing is to keep moving. What I was asking was: Is it acceptable to move on a daily basis but only for a couple of hours whilst the ice has thawed on the boat's deck to maintain ones own safety. I would have thought the cut comes to a virtual standstill if the temperature is below freezing for a period of time as I would not wish to become an ice breaker,,, also would not want the ice floe to be knocking on the hull of my boat.
  8. Hi again 4-50. Do I take it that you are not a CC. This is something I am intending to do so if it is frosty would it be pertinent to move over a couple of hours a day so not putting oneself in danger ?
  9. Alan Hi, yes it does look familiar. Had my boat at Fosdyke to start with but the tidal flow was so aggressive moved to Wells after a year then sold it about a year later. 4-50 Thanks for the response. I can understand what you are saying as I often had to stop myself falling off a 40' trailer when icy. Dr Bob, Thanks. Yes, I remember taking a 46' er from Soton to Palma and after problems with generator caught a F9 in the bay,, Not funny at 63. ?
  10. Good evening. The name is Robert and I am thinking of joining the "afloat" people again. A little history: Spent 12 years in the Royal Navy finishing after 7 years in small boats that sink. Obtained my HGV class 1 license and spent the rest of my life until 60 living in a small away from home in the truck, whilst working 15 hours most days. Latterly on the continent then driver assessment and training. Since retirement at age 60 I bought a 28ft sailboat and kept it at Wells Next the Sea before selling due to lack of use and SWMBO having zero interest in boating. During this time I did delivery work and enjoyed trips from Venice in a 56 footer, Scotland to Eastbourne and various others. We purchased a motorhome 5 years ago and changed it 3 years ago to one we liked better. Having had the travelling bug for most of my life I enjoy the 2 month trips to Spain and France but now find it frustrating to have the moho parked up outside and not using it over the winter period, but again held back by the other half who dotes on the grandchildren so will not be away for any great length of time nor for too many periods in the year. I now find myself looking at narrow boats and thinking I could spend most, if not all, the year wandering around the network. I realise this would mean many changes to the two of us but sure she could visit on occasions to suit her. Obvious problems are the selling of the motorhome but also at the age of 69 I do wonder if I would be safe on my own. I am a little overweight but physically fit and mentally good to be on my own for long periods of time. I am mechanically minded so having a boat with problems would not be a bother. I have been looking at brokers online and seen a few that would appeal although, so far, have not visited any to view but looking for a 40 to 40 ft narrow boat around the £30 - 35k mark. Wondered if any boaters out there can see any problems or have possibly been in a similar position to me.
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