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  1. Some good points thanks for taking the time to reply and offer assistance. Here’s my thoughts: NO function in the business? Not reallyNo office space? Nope, but even if there was office space it wouldn’t make my house a commercial property, I work form home sometimes in my employment and this doesn’t make it a commercial property.No reception of guests? NopeNo cooking, since you are doing B & B? Nope self cateringNo disposal of waste or rubbish? Potentially, this is a consideration. I think speaking to the relevant authorities would do no harm as suggested. Regarding doing things underground, I really don’t intend to significant capital in an unregistered business and then advertise it online
  2. Thanks very much, when you say change of use are you talking about the change of use of my property from residential to commercial? I would have thought that as my house is only being used for access to the mooring which is technically owned by the trust that this wouldn’t be the case. As you said worth speaking to them anyway.
  3. My house and mooring are in the side which is in the Brecon Beacons National Park.
  4. That’s an interesting point, further complicated by the fact that the canal is the boundary of the Brecon Beacons National Park.
  5. No the towpath is the other side my garden backs directly onto the canal. So it sounds like a good starting point is to confirm if I can get a commercial mooring. Is is there any websites dedicated to listing canal boat “hotels”? thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I have recently purchased a property which backs onto the Brecon and Monmouthshire canal. I want to start an air B and B style hotel business with a boat moored on the mooring in my canal. Does anyone have any experience in this? I am little lost where to start to be honest. I have found some fees on the canal and rivers trust website but I’d still really love some guidance. thanks so much in advance Jack
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