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  1. We were in London for two days and back to the States that next Tuesday. Nothing compared to the lovely countryside of the Midlands. Thanks for welcoming us to Braunston! We had a FABULOUS trip and are already planning our next one. Probably one of the best vacations we have ever had, hands down! We are the best food, drank cask ales and met some amazing folks!
  2. Thanks! Our hope would be to get from Stockton Top to Braunston tomorrow. Then maybe day 2 through the tunnel and back. Day 3 Braunston back to Stockton. That said, we are going to relax, fo what we can and what we are comfortable with. Hopefully this is a reasonable itinerary.
  3. We are! Cheers for all the great advice. We have waterproof shoes so we should be good. The weather here is actually warmer than at home, but we still hope to stay as dry as possible. We can't wait! Will do! We will be on The Dorothy Constance. Braunston is our ultimate destination and the tunnel is icing on the cake, so to say.
  4. Check! My concern are the trousers. Everything is waterproof but our those and I'm hesitant to pack ski trousers. They take up a lot of space! Thanks!
  5. Near Warwick/Stockton. Going through the Braunston tunnel and back is our goal.
  6. Good morning, all! My husband and I are hiring a boat on the GU from Friday through Sunday. Flying from New York tonight for our first narrowboat adventure. Will the rain significantly impact our trip? We are prepared with gloves, rain coats, etc. What else would be critical for us to know? (Wondering if I should bring my waterproof ski trousers!?) Thanks, all!
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