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  1. Hi, just wondering where would be the best place to get diesel from whilst cruising the network? I'm aware of fuel boats. But at the moment i'm not in a place where a fuel boat is going to be reaching anytime soon. I'm going towards the grand union canal and heading north from London. Will there be places along the way where I can fill up with diesel? Thanks
  2. Thanks for that. yeh i'll actually properly look at the logistics as and when. But actually feeling now that it wouldn't be such a good idea. Thanks Alan, you've really helped answer my questions will keep you posted on my ballast. Cheers!
  3. Okay, yeh i'll have a look and see what i can find. The ebay ones look good, thanks for the recommendation. The tank is one side as the second tank is decommissioned. (it was fun learning it was decommissioned the hard way) We are planning to use that space to install a generator. Combined weight is around 22stone and we're in London.
  4. Cheers for the reply. I've had a look under the floor boards and theres deffo room for more ballast. I think i'll start with the weight of the diesel tanks and see if that helps. Would you say if I could find some weights for weight lifting that could possibly work? Ive found 50kg on gumtree for £25 but its not iron its plastic covered something. Steel I'm guessing. How would that compare to concrete slabs? Okay, I'll check the survey. Thanks.
  5. Haha. I mean, you've pretty much nailed it. Oh and shifting ballast in the dark is easier then in the light as the neighbours won't noticing their crazy paving missing till the morning...
  6. Hello fellow boaters. I've posted a couple of times on here before I was actually a boater, and now I am. What a difference a few months can make. Anyway... When I first moved onto my boat there was literally no rocking side to side. I could jump from the tow path onto the stern and would not really move a massive amount. Since we moved all our stuff onto the boat the rocking has become a lot more noticeable. Examples of noticeable rocking is certainly when you step onto the boat from the towpath. Also when you move from one side of the boat to the other. We have one diesel tank port side of the stern which is holding around 150litres of diesel at the minute. We also have a diesel tank at the bow which is holding about 50litres. the boat is not listing, its just a very noticeable rocking when moving about, as mentioned above. It levels out quite quickly though. The boat itself is not a steel top, its basically a wooden top with aluminium exterior panels. Full steel hull. We bought the boat newly refurbished so my initial guess is we might not be ballasted for the weight of a full tank of diesel and all our belongings. Would anyone agree that could be the cause of the now noticeable rocking? Does that mean I should be looking to add the weight of the diesel in both tanks + the weight of all my belongings above the waterline to the ballast? In regards to the weight. Would I be fine adding the additional ballast? I'm assuming that the weight of my top as it is wood and not steel already weighs significantly less then a full steel shell. This surly would mean I'm not at risk of sitting too low? What should I be checking and how can I test it beforehand? I'm happy to accept there will always be a slight rock and it is fairly enjoyable at times. However I can't help but notice there has been a dramatic change since moving our stuff onto the boat and we'd really like to get it to a less noticeable rocking. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Andrew
  7. Hi Everyone, Trying to get a gauge on whether buying a sailaway and fitting it out myself is in the long run going to be a better option than buying a second hand boat. i'd like to know roughly what it would cost and the kind of time frame that it would take, so anyone with any experience of having done a sailaway project please if you want to share your thoughts and expenses. My Hypothetical build would consist of a very basic layout. Bedroom at the stern of the boat followed by an enclosed bathroom, Galley and living room at the bow. All rooms with just the basic amenities. I would initially have a month of full time availability to work on the boat then followed by 3 full days per week. I Am fortunate that I have family members sufficient in plumbing and gas heating systems so I would get help with that. I would also get a electrician to install a basic solar set up. I'm fully aware that its only relevant to individual skill, design and availability. But just to help me out please state your skill and experience going into your project.
  8. Hi Alan, Are you essentially saying that there is a possibility the build of this "taurus boat" might actually be of decent quality? I think Taurus has changed their name to Victory Narrowboats.
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