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  1. 25 minutes ago, David Mack said:


    Single use PET bottles, that is. Plastic isn't just plastic!


    1 hour ago, ditchcrawler said:

    I do and then I can keep the reel on the front deck and take the hose to the tap.



    That's a valid reason, but so is putting the reel next to the tap and having full control over the other end, so as not to drag it in the mud!


    If I were to put the reel on my foredeck, it would likely end up in the cut.







  2. 55 minutes ago, Peanut said:

    I had a flat hose reel, I thought would be easy to stow.  It failed in about six months with pinhole leaks, the inner part separated from the outer part.  I replaced it  with a food grade hoses, available from caravan suppliers.


    Yes, ours is a food grade caravan job. I have the tap end on a short tail and the tank end on the 30m long wound up reel. It amazes me how many people do it the other way around. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Slim said:

    It's worse when you just left the screw on connector and can't find that spare you saw just the other day ....somwhere.......🗯️


    We carry about 5 or 6 spare tap connectors. I haven't mislaid one for years!



  4. As the cellarman at Lagavulin (now there's a dram!) said: "What's the best whisky? The one some other bugger pays for!". 



    27 minutes ago, Jerra said:

    No No No preferably Laphroaig.


    Guess which is my favourite?


  5. Another approach is to download photos from your phone to another device (eg a PC or laptop) every so often. My experience with IT goes back far enough to the times when we had to remember to do such things as a matter of course.


    That was especially true when using a DSLR camera .. which, of course, had its storage on a flashcard anyway. 



    1 hour ago, swift1894 said:

    I’ve ordered a new Android as my current one won’t switch on anymore due to being dropped. Are all my photos on my SIM card or somewhere in the in the phone’s memory?


    Stupid question - have you had the phone apart to make sure the battery is sitting comfortably? I work on the principle that first you look for simple things you can fix yourself, no matter how unlikely. I realise that an unfixable breakage is far more likely!

  6. On 11/12/2021 at 13:45, tree monkey said:

    I'm glad you recognise the sacrifices I make ;)

    Most trees have what is called a mast year, in effect a cycle of heavy fruiting followed by a more fallow couple of years


    Our raspberry canes did that - last year. This year -- niente.

    The grape vine (singular) did well though.




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  7. 14 minutes ago, matty40s said:

    Boddingtons USED to be a good pint (when they previously did Bodkans,however, a buy out and brewery closed put paid to that.


    If you liked Boddies, you'd probably like Marble's Manchester Bitter. It's pretty close, but even better, as is Pint.


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