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  1. 2 hours ago, LadyG said:

    I don't assume everyone knows about Canal boats just cos they are using this forum

    I'm not to sure anyone an answer this, as plastic cruisers tend to sit high, and steel narowboats sit low. 

    I thought The Rule on this forum is that there are no stupid questions? 


    The only silly question is the one you are too stupid to ask.


    As engineering drawings always used to say: 


    I F    I N    D O U B T    A S K

  2. 56 minutes ago, Athy said:

    £30,000  p/a is a pretty hefty amount. If they keep making such boo-boos, their salary may not remain as high as that for very long.


    Not all that hefty. It is about £1500 lower than the median UK full-time salary.



  3. 8 minutes ago, blackrose said:


    So if the sign was removed after dark the second photo was taken at some point the next day? I can certainly see that they're different photos even without looking at the disappeared sign, it just seems odd how similar they look. They must have been taken at the same sort of time of day and the lighting conditions hadn't changed much. The second one is marginally brighter.


    Well spotted. If the photographer took two shots they didn't move the camera or tripod. 

    Looking at the patch of grass beyond the boats, I'd say the top photo has been Photoshopped.

  4. 5 hours ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    Post some pictures of the labels.


    Remember it may be costing you a fortune at the launderette, but generating your own electricty is extremely expensive.


    There's a lot to be said for laundrettes.

    Wash on, pop over the road for a pint, pop back, stuff into the dryer, over the road for another pint, back to take stuff out, bag it and return to the pub.



  5. You can't live aboard a share boat.



    1 hour ago, doratheexplorer said:

    So much truth here.  Probably 80% or more of all boats sit festering away on their moorings, barely used or never used.  If their owners actually calculated how much it was costing them per hour they spend on the boat I bet they'd find it would be considerably cheaper to hire a boat now and then when they fancy going boating. If I wasn't a liveaboard there would be next to zero chance I'd own a boat.  I might consider joining a boat share though if I was retired.


  6. 19 hours ago, Ianws said:

    I think that was already mentioned earlier in the thread but worth mentioning again and again. It's not something campers or boaters would think of if they weren't aware of the dangers. Even people at home with a bucket for ashes beside the stove while they sit there oblivious of the danger. 


    We have an ash bucket at home. I never fill it or empty it unless it's cold. It lives in the cellar. Hot ashes stay in the stove until they're not.



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