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  1. I would you say you are correct except that communications, artificial intelligence and other technology will close the gaps between the tribes to the point of near homogeneous within 100 years. No ones political party is ready for the technological singularity.
  2. Would u be interested in lowering taxes and removing some of the benefits? OR are you comfortable with status quo. I found some great data if you are interested. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/82160776.pdf Compares EU member states costs. Seems like the EU was too hasty and should have integrated slower. OR agreed to homogenize economies more by force.
  3. 100% agree here. But i also believe in freedom of movement across the earth. One world, one race, one chance to make it work. Anything less isent worth it.
  4. Sounds like you needed longer to become less nationalistic before ready for EU. In the united states we assume some states are subsidized by others. Canada has a similar thing. It will always be true on earth. I think at some point we need to go global with our thinking. This sounds like an immigration arguement, which really cant be argued against. Its more of a social, racial choice than a fiscal one. this happens all the time in america. i dont understand how you see it as a bad thing. and i appreciate the reasoning i feel as if its still on topic vaguely to welfare and continuous credits for cruising. Its interesting they were paying her credits ever. Fascinating. I imagine as tourism increases they will be pressured to make it harder to get into the cut.
  5. How do you abuse a system where everyone gets cut a check the exact same amount....
  6. Damnation. That was savage, However truer words were never spoken. Just another dumb yank who thinks hes a native.
  7. ok theres alot of truth here. but on the surface it seems alot like Americas just better organized and better funded. Dont you have a 20% VAT plus income tax? Does anyone know what the admin cost is in that hypothetical 2000, i know in america it can be as much as 2/3 but 50% is normal. I bet if they cut everyone a strait check it would be better for the economy and everyone. I guess thats the appeal of a UBI. Implementation of a UBI could end up worse than what either country has already if its done wrong tho. Another well made arguement in favor of a UBI lol
  8. I know that. I understood that. I am musing what would be better 2000 in your hand or nebulous funds to a safety net where 50% is admin cost You guys think i misunderstand the 2000 comment. I understand the system. I just spent an hour reasearching the website. The welfare system here and in america are very similar from what i read. 2000 per head is amortized cost got it. I understood that the entire time.
  9. The benefits like they are pretty hard to get and very complicated. Seems like maybe 2k for everyone might be a nonstarter for those who already have benefits. I dont see how you would ever get off these once you are on. The incentive to use benefits instead of working on wealth growth is huge.
  10. I didnt realize you have a 2000$ per head welfare system already. it would do nothing for you but simplify the system which may not be ideal. In the US its very hard to get and keep welfare without staying poor. so it keeps people from being successful. Our welfare benefits are state by state but with federal funding. Except for disabled and old people who get social security. UBI here is a bandaid on a system so broken homeless people eat garbage in the worlds most wealthy country its a shame. Sounds like you guys are ahead of the curve. The simplicity of UBi is one of its strangths but also a weakness. Every politician should have to switch countries to learn more once in a while.
  11. so basically you already have something better than UBI and a VAT tax and america is way behind the curve?
  12. Close the borders and shoot. I joke of course. I dunno I cant solve that one easily. I would argue that automation is a bigger threat to UK citizens than immigrants are. Plus arent you guys imploding from brexit soon. I feel like johnsons govt wouldent touch this with a 10 foot pole anyway. As a UK thought experiment VS american ubi the differences are interesting and fascinating. It would have to be EU wideor perhaps global. Immigration would get crazyer than it is but perhaps thiers a way to fix that.
  13. Nice edits lol ai ai lord rusty of ditchington CBE
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