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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for all of the advice, I did think it was common practice though to want stage payments, to protect both the builder and the buyer.
  2. Hi, So I have previously posted about how my partner and I are looking to buy a boat (hybrid or not still to be confirmed), we have looked at a few boat builders and they all seem to have really long waits for build slots. However, we have come across a fairly new company in Dunhampstead in the Midlands, they have only been going since March this year, but have built one boat which we managed to see and they aren't new to boat building, they have years of experience. My problem is the money, don't get me wrong, they are reasonable, but I'm wary of parting with that much money to a relatively new company. Am I being too cautious here (I've checked them out at Co House), or would others feel the same? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank-you everyone for all of your pro's and con's. Lot's to think about.
  4. My partner and I are looking to get a boat built, we have been on quite a few narrow boating holidays and really enjoy it. We've never used a Hybrid, but apparently Hybrids are the way forwards (or so the other half says) All I can tell is that it adds a few thousand to the total cost. Is it the way to go and something that we should seriously consider or a waste of money?
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