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  1. I'm a proper old Fergie Red Standards?? Standards? Did I mention its called Treble Glory. It spoke to me
  2. No, courier, when its wanted by yesterday.
  3. Sales Rep!! That's new but no, just driving, a lorra lorra driving. Geriatric layabout these days
  4. It's hard to find anything about this lot online because they were dissolved in 2009. I just wonder why?
  5. A nice boat on offer at a nice price and I don't think I'll haggle but proof of ownership consists of a statement from the previous owner that he has exclusive title and right to sell. The sales broker says this means that if it isn't true the seller is liable for fraud. So far as I know he is some bloke called Dave who has lived aboard for the last four years. What do you think of that?
  6. Thanks but I don't think so. You have set my mind at rest and this boat needs no further advertising.
  7. Thanks for that, it's just that I haven't looked at one without central heating before. I'm sure he will sell it easily-to me.
  8. Thanks for that, Alan, that looks like real actual knowledge and very helpful indeed. The boat is certainly attractively priced-I'm really just trying to figure out how good is too good to be true.
  9. So I've got the money sorted and I've found a nice looking boat at a nice price but the main reason it's a nice price is that it doesn't have central heating. It has had a system running two radiators of a backboiler but this has been disconnected and the backboiler removed. How much would it cost to retrofit a conventional Webasto-type system, but more to the point, how much should I knock off my offer on the strength of this?
  10. onebrownarm


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