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  1. Thanks all,  I’ve since discovered along with no paperwork incl receipts of work or goods etc the boat is not CE marked, no boat manual, no RCD, am told this not an issue and will only affect resale. Interested to hear thoughts but feel it’s  last straw for that boat. And really hearing you all about buying at a distance. I need to follow the forums more to learn and then either be there or get someone in the know to help I’d say.

    I would have thought that it leaves you vulnerable to having to prove it’s up to RCD and modify if not,  but since it’s had several sets of safety certifications , advice was no one would care.

  2. I say housing because for myself and younger children it will be our home eventually continually cruising. Whilst before I get there it will be a home for older child for a year or so also continually cruising. Legitimately cruising not shuttling about locally. If we found an affordable mooring we would lease it but they are so few and dear I don’t bank on that. And have researched costs etc but for the house I could buy I’d prefer to buy a narrowboat. And enjoy England as I have been absent most of my life. 

  3. Thanks to you both for such  good advice and tips. My daughter in Ireland and I thought that if we got a highly recommended surveyor we’d be a bit redundant as we don’t know boats so could rely on him. But I will on this advice try have her view  a boat with the aid of an experienced boater if at all possible. Still a bit confused ..although I love knowing the cultural history of laissez faire boat buying and really enjoyed your advice Is this very much the norm still or do people walk away if no decent paper trail? 

  4. Hi does anyone know the boat https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/evans-sons-70-traditional/607737

    year 2001 “Home at last” 507322.  It doesn’t match the boat index : that number is allocated a boat called potemkin. Or another in historical data “frenchlands II” Nothing for Home at last. There is no date on the bill of sale transferring the boat from a Derek Jones and a Theresa Cabot to a Joe Riley. Which is weird is it not? And the broker says there’s a journal of work done but no receipts have been produced. I’m buying at a distance and have arranged Chris Williams as surveyor. But am nervous to get it right. Big thanks for replies. I’m yet to make an offer and any help in that regard would be much appreciated too. 

  5. On 27/08/2019 at 18:15, Tony Brooks said:

    higher powered Bukhs but I am notsure the normally aspirated one is powerfull enough for a longer boat on rivers, especially if you are new to boating.

    Thanks for that advice . Do you know if the Bukh DV36 is one that may have a problem with rivers. Unsure if it is normally aspirated. And was intending to cruise along river Wey to be near Guildford. 


    On 27/08/2019 at 21:50, Mike the Boilerman said:



    On 27/08/2019 at 21:50, Mike the Boilerman said:

    Every boat you ever look at will need something changing to make it suit your own exact requirements

    good advice Thanks, it’s been galling to have prospects sell that I wasn’t a hundred percent about only to realise down the line that that’s the nature of the beast. 

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