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  1. yes if thats going to be the case, looks like i'll be boiling the kettle for a standup bath on the woodburner
  2. well I ran out of gas, it was a full 13kg last week and I haven't been on the boat since last weeked. I presume the Alde consumed a shed load of gas. it will be later in the week before I get the bottles replaced.
  3. Still cold.. time to get an engineer in
  4. UPDATE: I sprayed the valve with lubricant and went back to it today. It was indeed shut!! Hopefully this will be the end to my issue, I'm testing it now. I will report back
  5. i tried the red valve but it would only move an half inch. Didn't want force it incase I broke it. I presume it is open as we have hot water running when the engine is running. I am at my whits end with it. Think i will have to to get an engineer look at it or replace the system.
  6. think, I will have to invite my plumber mate on a free weekend cruise, as long as he brings his spanners
  7. i don't know has the [pipes are boxed in
  8. I think i am making a little progress, i turned on the valve in the picture I posted and turned off all the radiators except the bathroom towel rail. Still nothing doing. So now i have turned on the bedroom radiator and the pipe heading towards the calorifier is getting hot
  9. if i do that the radiators will come on
  10. Up to yet the water pump is still running the radiators are cold except the bathroom towel rail, so possible this may work....fingers crossed
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