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  1. Yes thats in my thoughts too. Liverpool boats part fitted 65 foot 42,859 pounds
  2. i looked at it yes didn't try and start it though. Looked perfectly normal and dry. Hard to say if its ok
  3. i did a video.. I will upload it to yourube and post it here
  4. Nothing has been done to it as of yet, it was taken out of the water and put in dry dock and its been up for sale every since. The price keeps dropping as nobody wants to take it on. I want a live aboard but I need it to be a certain spec interior wise. So whatever boat I buy I would need to do work on it to get it how i want it. So was I thinking of getting something that needs work anyway. As far as I can see visually and praying that the engine is sound, it needs some repanaling and a new fitted kitchen to get it to a liveable standard. It would however need a new bathroom suite at some point. I also need to add another bedroom but there is space at the stern as it was used as quite a large utility room.
  5. Hello, I am considering buying a project boat. The boat has got water damage and will need plating work but it is cheap. The boat was owned by a retired couple and the husband sadly passed away and the boat was neglected for around 18months untill it started to list on one side. I did read on a previous survey that the weed hatch wanted raising so could it of been the cuplrpet if the boat was neglected and took in rain water? Just a thought that is? I would obviuosly have it surveyed and any welding work will be carried out. I have estimated that even if I spen 10K on the interior fit-out, it would be worth at least 15K more than i would pay for a similar boat? Any thoughts or advice about buying this boat? Or would I be buying an hole heap of trouble? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello all, I am looking into buying my first narrow boat as a full time live aboard. There will be my Wife and myself and a teenage Son, so I will need quite a big boat as we will need 2 fixed cabins. I am thinking we would need has much space as possible but keep getting advised to get a smaller length. But this is a one time purchase, I don't want to buy a smaller boat and find we are too cramped. But a lot of people say we can't travel all the water ways and its difficult to find somewhere to turn around? I am thinking that the negatives of having a 70 foot boat would outweighed by the luxury of the extra space. What are your thoughts please?
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