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  1. yes I go that one in Eturia, last time it was 28 but not sure now
  2. I am guessing that gas refills have shot up since the gas price increase? I was considering swapping my bottles to LPG using FloGas just called for a price of a refill and it was £36! What are you all currently paying?
  3. He isn't in RCR, and they wont tow him if he joins now. I think pulling it would be too much for a 73 year old bloke in this heat. its a fair way to the basin from where he is.
  4. Hello, I am requesting help for my Father who is stuck someone near Manchester. His Engine is unrepairable and he is totally stuck. He is asking if there is any good Samaritans near by that could help tow him through the Ashton flight to get to Portland Basin, where he can have the boat taken out of the water. He is willing to pay for help. He is really stuck now and can't get any help unless the boat is removed from the canal. His boat is a small 24 foot springer Please PM me if you are able to help him.
  5. He called him first off, but he's busy moving a dutch barge
  6. blown and urepairable as in shattered, bits of crank casing smashed.. hope this is descriptive enough. I did state that he is looking for a new engine, hence the original post. blown as in shattered, bits of crank casing smashed.. hope this is descriptive enough. I did state that he is looking for a new engine, hence the original post.
  7. This question was directed more to people who may of been in a similar circumstance and owned a waterbug. It is a bit of an emergency seeing as he is stranded near the city centre.
  8. My Father has a 24 foot springer water bug. He is currently stranded in Manchester on the Ashton canal by the locks. (not a particularly safe place I would image?) His engine is a 2 cylinder Thornycroft and has blown and un-repairable. I have been trying to help source a new engine but I am told that the Thornycroft 2 cylinder is impossible to find now and the 3 cylinders are too big for his boat. I was told that a Yanmar 2 cylinder will fit. I have manged to find one with a gear box. Can anyone confirm that the Yanmar will fit? Is a Thornycroft 3 cylinder definitely too big? Recommendations on a willing and able engineer to help him?
  9. yes if thats going to be the case, looks like i'll be boiling the kettle for a standup bath on the woodburner
  10. well I ran out of gas, it was a full 13kg last week and I haven't been on the boat since last weeked. I presume the Alde consumed a shed load of gas. it will be later in the week before I get the bottles replaced.
  11. UPDATE: I sprayed the valve with lubricant and went back to it today. It was indeed shut!! Hopefully this will be the end to my issue, I'm testing it now. I will report back
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