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  1. Yes I,ve noticed that !! will get survey anyway and will go and see whichever we consider but thankyou for your help.
  2. I have called and they will call back . thanks for advice def worth a try just gutted the boat was a scam !! Yes we have about £15,000 to spend but thought it was a bargain but don't want to drive from Plymouth to Nottingham for a scam so will keep looking and saving although was hoping to have it before transplant to save on my families accommodation !! good plans dont work out so if anyone who hears of a genuine bargain please let me know we are good for doing a complete inside renovation just want solid body.
  3. Sorry not very good at this and sent link above no I am not trying to cause any trouble !! this is what I meant to send. Sorry I clicked wrong bit !! Not very good at this Description & Specification Whimbrel is a 50 foot all steel cruiser stern narrowboat that was built by Peter Nicholls Steel Boats in 1985. She is powered by a reliable 1.5 BMC diesel engine which is located under the large rear deck. Multiple narrowboats for sale for very good prices We have several boats for sale, more details directly on our site! · Overview Boat Name: Whimbrel Canal Boat Type: Narrowboat Level of Completion: Fully Fitted Stern Type: Cruiser Bow Type: Standard Boat Length: 50 Boat Width (ft): 6 10" Built: Nov 1985 Boat Builders: Peter Nicholls Last Blacked: Feb 2017 Berths: 5 Bedrooms: 2 Fixed Double Beds: 1 Fixed Single Beds: 1 Victory Narrowboat LTD We’re sincerely passionate about our brokerage service, the majority of our brokerage team are boat owners themselves, some leisure owners, some residential owners. Because of this we fully understand everything canal boat related and are fully equipped to offer you free and im
  4. No we would have seen it first but its 50ft £9,200 so sounds too good to be true . Many thanks for help.
  5. Im sure he is ' will try to get him tomorrow although I have just disccovered boat i was looking at is probably a scam so not in so much of a rush untill I can find another. thanks for everyones help though😪
  6. Hi I was just looking to buy Whimbrel and just looking for moorings saw it through the salespontoon with victory narrowboats being named am I right in thinking this is a scam.
  7. nicky79


  8. Good to know thank you I will bear that in mind .😉
  9. Thank you I will be ringing them first thing.
  10. Thank you all x I have called Enslow and left a message so fingers crossed but any more suggestions would be reat . thanks again.
  11. Thanks mike and Sebastian I will definatley ring them tomorrowx
  12. Its a 50ft boat Thank you for your help .
  13. Thank you Mike I will have a look at those we live in Plymouth so have no canal systems here I have my fingers and toes crossed 🤞
  14. Please help , I am in midst of buying our first narrowboat after years of holidaying on them but are having trouble finding moorings near Oxford. Need to be by Oxford as I am on a transplant waiting list which will be done in Churchill Hospital .. If anyone knows of any moorings preferably leisure could you please advise. Many thanks Nicky
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