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  1. Thanks both. The welding is a great shout! We'll try and fix this, replace the belt, and then sort our wiring which needs a look at. Forum advice as wonderful as ever 🙂
  2. Great thank you! We have got new belts, just need to fit them. We'll try these brackets and see how we get on. Fingers crossed!
  3. Okay sounds good, thanks! Here's a pic of the one that's good, and then the broken one
  4. Hi guys, can anyone help us with this... One of our alternator brackets has somehow snapped resulting in a number of cables shorting. Engineer is quoting £64 for replacement alternator plate which seems mad for a piece of metal 18cm long. It's an Isuzu marine 4LC, I think similar to the canal line beta marine engines. Do I need to replace it with this 65 bracket that has to be shipped from Belgium, or does anyone know if this universal plate would do: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alternator-Mounting-Brackets-Car-Van-Truck-Chand-Type-Curved-Slot-Adjustable/322864183673?h
  5. Thank you for all of this!! Yes it is the roof collar upside down Having round a few marinas and chandlers it seems the 6" is the correct size and we just need to correctly fill the gap. We're going for thick fire rope ladding - and lots of sealant. So we'll avoid the cement - thanks for the tips. Wealth of knowledge, as per!
  6. We've ordered all our bits to install the woodburner - including a collar of 6" outside diameter (5" inside diameter) and it said it was suitable for a 4" - 4 3/4" outside diameter flue. But on looking at it, the gap seems huge between the flue and the collar. It's 15mm gap all around. Is that normal? When we put our fire rope in to stuff it out, there's still quite a lot of wiggle room. Do we put stove rope in and then seal it on inside with fire cement and outside silicone and then it will be fine - or do we need a smaller collar? Thank you canal forum
  7. Hey all, We're at Stonebridge lock (tottenham) and looking to get a service done. Does anyone know a good mechanic around here to recommend? Thanks
  8. For all of those interested, the first pump out was a success! Nowhere near as bad as I was expecting... thanks all
  9. It was so windy we chickened out of turning her round so postponed until Tues... Update to follow 😊
  10. Thanks all, we're doing the deed later today so will turn the boat around for it to save injury! Thanks
  11. Hello! We're doing our first ever pump out at Stonebridge lock tomorrow....ah.. and after huge amounts of research have a question still lingering. Can the hose on a self-service pump out reach over our narrowboat roof to the cap on the other side, or do we need to turn our boat around so it is land side? Any tips for a novice nervous poo pumper are much appreciated. Anything key we need to know?! We're also looking to use bio rather than blue for the rinsing.. Thanks Gabby
  12. Ah okay! We're still rather new to this... Thought we needed a cap on the rinse out to create the vacuum for the pump out. This is great news if we don't actually need one!
  13. UPDATE: Help still needed! It looks like our rinse out is not the standard size. We think we need a 32mm diameter cap. The 38mm didn't fit, and it's smaller than the pump out deck filler. Does anyone else have this, and know where we can get the right size cap? Also if we need an adapter for the rinse out hose? Some pics attached Thank you!
  14. Thanks everyone!! I'll go for a standard cap then, pleased to know they're the same size Luckily our fitting already has the label 'rinse out' so no dodgy labels needed
  15. We need a new cap to cover the rinse out deck fitting... and I am realy struggling to find what is the right thing to be getting! It's just the cap we need rather than the whole fitting, does anyone know if this is the right thing... a seal with an O ring? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brass-Boat-Deck-Fill-Cap-O-Ring-Seal-Plug-38-mm-Fuel-water-Slot-Key-Fit-1-1-2/254447038015?hash=item3b3e39ae3f:g:85UAAOSwrTFd7Nvw I've measured the hole which is 38mm. It seems there's options for fuel and water fittings, but rarely pump out options - are they interchangeable?
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