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  1. I've got agreements from Blenheim Palace and a lady who sells dolls' houses to take photos for a calendar. I'm trying to get permission from a few other places, including the Pendon museum (scale model homes) and the CSLewis Foundation. I've got my eye on a couple of nice-looking ("chocolate box" type) homes, will need to be brave and ring the doorbell I guess! Some friends with a camper van have said I can stage a photo including their van, and I'm going to stage a cosy "tea table" scene in my own house. The idea is to also include some information about the Oxford Homeless Project, the work they do and how people may be able to support it.
  2. I'm a bit confused - I posted (or thought I had posted) a reply at lunchtime, but it doesn't seem to have appeared. So I'll try again. I want to say thank you for the replies, you've certainly given me something to think about. Firstly I never intended any offence, to anyone. I wasn't trying to imply that canal boats were a step up from, or some sort of alternative to, being homeless, or anything of that nature. I guess my comment "homes for the homeless" was me thinking that pictures of homes could be sold to raise money to help the homeless. And I'm honestly not wanting to be inappropriate, but I thought that a set of photos of nice looking or interesting homes may have sales potential - and no, homeless people are not the target audience. I've sent my proposal to a woman who helps run the project and had no complaints from her. But thank you for highlighting to me how a well-intentioned idea can be misinterpreted, or simply viewed differently. I'll try to be very careful how I phrase and present things. Best wishes.
  3. Hi I am a local photographer and I'm trying to organise a 2020 calendar to sell in aid of the Oxford Homeless Project. I'm trying to get photos of different types of homes in Oxfordshire (I'm thinking homes for the homeless as a theme) and would love to get some photos of a canal boat home. If you'd be willing to let me come and see you sometime (would need to be a weekend or in the school holidays) then please can you let me know? If you're happy to be in shot that would be great, but if not just your boat would be fine. I'm not looking to make any money myself, just sell some calendars to help the project that provides dinner every fortnight at Oxford's Asian Cultural Centre. And I just think I should have permission from home owners before using pictures of their homes. Thanks, Sam Watson (www.inanyeventphotography.co.uk)
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