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  1. This is my inverter, just had a thought, if I turn off all trip switches on the fuseboard other than the fridge & freezer when I leave the boat or am cruising would that be better for the batteries?
  2. No, it sounds more important than it is, if machine switches off, I wake up by automatic reaction. Worst is I have a bad night's sleep & as a result I drop off a lot the next day! Lol!
  3. Sorry I thought I'd said fridge & freezer both 24 volts. Yes TV and WiFi router are 240v. My inverter is 3000watt. I will now be switching TV off at the socket after use (2 or 3 hours in the evening) but prefer for WiFi to be on all day & evening. Router transformer plug says output 12v at 2amps. Could I cut transformer off and put cigar lighter plug on it as I've got a spare 12v socket close to where my router is to go? The only other thing that has to be on overnight is my breathing machine for my sleep apnoea. It's basically an air pump that keeps air pressure up in my lungs/throat.
  4. Wow, thanks for another comprehensive answer! I will have to get into a routine as you say, and turning the TV off at the socket etc. I will re-read and inwardly digest the whole lot of everyone's advice tomorrow, and hopefully won't have to get or delay getting new ones!
  5. Boater Sam I have no neighbours for a long way at the moment! Battery monitor is mastervolt BTM III No sat equipment, just TV (& mobile router which I can't see would take much) Chewbacka, yes I'm sure I have lots & lots to learn!
  6. Thanks all! Going to put engine on now and see if I can get 100%!
  7. Because I always forget to switch off the plug. Having now written this I hope I will remember to do so! But that wouldn't account for such a drop would it? And however much I leave the engine running battery monitor never goes above 98%.
  8. I think so, just by the fact the monitor never shows 100% and will drop to below 80% even if I'm out for the day and only 24v fridge & freezer are on and TV on standby?
  9. Three rupees and 27 British pence?!
  10. Thanks all for your input, now to look for suitable batteries! Mark
  11. My fridge and freezer are 24 volts, and he's lived on board for 12 years, 240v & 12 volt cigar lighter type sockets all work fine, so for my simple mind the total amount of electric in a 24v 4 battery system will get used at the same rate as a 12v 4 battery system? Cheers
  12. Chewbacca, thanks for your swift reply! I thought that the 'missing' 120ah must still be in there, lol! Alan de Enfield's post seems to contradict you though, is that because battery monitors etc only recognise 12volt batteries?
  13. It doesn't take much but I'm confused. I had solar panels fitted last week by Narrowboat Solar Systems (who did a great job by the way!) and towards the end they said they don't see many 24v systems. I was surprised as I just assumed it's a 12v system, I've only had the boat a month. I was budgeting on new batteries anyway, as the existing ones look prob as old as the boat 13 years. The guy from the solar company said they're 4 batteries, 2 pairs linked in series then both linked in parallel (or might have been the other way round) As someone who doesn't understand electricity in t
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