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  1. Thankyou for all your input. Certainly given me food for thought. One of which: is it a feasible exercise to remove top hose either from skin or header tank and syphon a few litres out? I suppose it all depends on how good a job I want to achieve. Thanks Malcolm
  2. Peeps. I am after some guidance re changing anti-freeze in Isuzu 33 engine At the moment the water is a dingy brown so unable to state colour of existing protection be it red, green or blue, I doubt if it has been changed for years. I have searched previous questions on forum re suggested methods of draining system, but am still a tad confused ( I know, must be a age thing) on a couple of points. If I drain the skin tank via removing the bottom hose presumably the calorifier will also be drained, will the calorifier require bleeding on refilling, if this is the case does it have this facility? Would you recommend flushing system before adding any inhibitor and new anti-freeze or will this cause more problems than cure. Is there a bleed point on the skin tank? What colour anti freeze do you recommend? Thankyou in anticipation . Malc
  3. Thankyou for all your replies, eventually got up to boat, why can’t the T&M be nearer? anyway, checked battery banks and sure enough, the neg was connected through all four batts and the leisure/starter batts had separate pos feeds. Put my neck out in the process, is it a design feature that batt banks are located where you can’t get at them?
  4. Good point Mike, unfortunately it will be another week before I can check on that one. Although I can tell you the fourth batt is smaller than the other three.
  5. Advice required re my batt set up please. My boat has three 110ah leisure batts and 1 starter batt, all four batts appear to be connected in parallel. Is this correct, or should they be in separate banks? The Isuzu33 engine is fitted with two 70A alternators. Thankyou
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