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  1. AJR

    Calorifier overflow

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’m off the boat for a few days but repeatedly opened & shut the valve before I left so will see if the leaks still there when I go back on. If so I’ll look into the water pump pressure . Very helpful! Alan
  2. Hi all, noticed slight leak from overflow coming out of the hull. Not obviously different when engine is on compared to off. There’s a red plastic ‘bottle cap’ which opens the valve fine but which doesn’t seem to be closing it completely no matter how hard you do it by hand. Between this and the metal valve assembly this there’s a plastic nut. There’s also a metal nut on the intake side of the valve. Before I start trial & error adjustments - anyone got a more informed suggestion of what to try? Many thanks, Alan
  3. AJR


  4. Looked at some boats over the weekend & found as someone suggested that LB boats around that age can have either. I've no strong preference myself, although rails might be handy for tying small grandchildren securely on top!
  5. Suggests the age might not be right then unless they built both kinds of shell for a while? thanks for info
  6. Hi all, seen a Liverpool Boats 58' cruiser stern on-line. Quite interested but it's a long journey to view. Described in ad & by broker as 2006 build, has tubular handrails rather than integral, gutter-type ones fashioned from the cabin sides. I've browsed a lot of boats now & associate these kind of rails with much older boats. Also seen older LB cruisers with the more modern form of handrail. Am I being unnecessarily suspicious? thanks Alan
  7. Thanks for the replies- doesn’t sound like it should be any real problem. Did a week on the Brecon & Monmouth a few years ago - felt more like punting at a few points! Alan
  8. Thanks for that Arthur! Congleton is a bit further down from Glossop than we'd prefer but a nice stretch from what I remember & do like the idea of farm moorings. Think we'll look in earnest (or panic) when we're thinking of putting an offer in. thanks again, Alan
  9. Hi all, after some years hiring & then in a share, we're looking at buying this year. We'll be looking at moorings local to us, hopefully on Macc or Peak Forest. Aware from reputation & recent cruise that it's not the deepest! Draft on one boat we're interested in is 28 inches - bit more than most. I know the water levels are likely to vary but anyone got any views on what draft is ok or becomes a consistent nuisance on these canals? I'm trying to find out the draft of the boat we were on a few weeks ago too as a comparison.... Thanks & happy easter!
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