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  1. Just as an aside... and should really clean my reading glasses... I read ditchcrawlers boat name as Narrowboat Hampster... Time for coffee...
  2. Thanks Mike. I think the choice is to now pick somewhere in the canal network, find a marina or do continuous cruising and put in a marina when working... It will have to be what it is. What I have repeated is the information we get from the UK ambassador here in Spain. At this point, I've given up on speculation. But there will be NO continuation of easy access to Europe. We will be outside the Union.
  3. I can only repeat what information has been handed to me by the authorities... the real situation is that no one really knows the full extent of the requirements. Spain residents get one set of information from Europe and one set from the UK government. It doesnt matter, we will see if a change is a coming or not..
  4. I think for now, I will concentrate on the UK canals simply because that can be accomplished until the divorce from Europe settles into a proper agreement.
  5. Dont confuse residency with visiting. A person living on the canals in France will have to apply for residency... have income from the UK or work for a licenced company. I don't want to go through a residency permit application when not in the EU...
  6. The EU has stated that each Brit visiting Europe after departing, will have to purchase a "visa exempt" permit at the cost of €7:50 for 3 years. This is time limited to 3 months in any 12 month period. This will be linked to the passport and obviously be tracked and matched to a departure. This is what we have been told anyway.
  7. Yep. I will have to work through the logistics.
  8. From my knowledge of working in Europe, Brits will be limited to 3 months of European visitation after leaving the EU. That is what info has been filtered here to Spain if a person does not have a Spanish residency... The way it is going.. UK may not leave the EU at all... lol. I wish to live onboard... France really appeals.
  9. garyw


  10. Just to say thank you for the quick responses. I reside in Spain and am SERIOUSLY considering the canal life if Brexit ever happens. I'm also a moderator on http://www.cruisersforum.com/ and have been for several years. If this happens, it will be a marked departure from my normal sailing experience. Somehow canal life has attracted me for life quality and the slower pace... I usually take between 8 and 23 flights a year to Asia for work and it does get hectic.
  11. Napton seems reasonable. I will be living on the vessel in the main... and was aware of the 14 day rule... will now locate and download the relevant guidelines and study... Its Easter here in Seville or La Semana Santa.. a week of processions and noise...so a good distraction.
  12. yep... 110v and 230v is a different problem. I think I just want to have a look internally for a while... Surprised at the cost of narrowboats for a nice one.... but that's the way it is. reckon 45 to 56 foot will be optimum.. I am a medical practitioner and travel to teach... so slowing down a little, sounds good...
  13. Tony.. thank you... I was just reading the fees for the Wey as your message came in. Everyone wants a piece. I understand the need but makes it expensive overall. Sigh... However, the reality is that its a lot cheaper than offshore. I might just licence for continuous canal cruising and pay for a marina when I have to travel. Seems a train to Eastbourne from wherever will be cheaper than all the licences...
  14. I have a 1/6 share in a TAG 60 based out of Cadiz... That will be ending soon as I dont use much. I have a Gemini 105 American registered, of which a family member is wanting to buy.... I dont want to go to the trouble of changing to European wiring, sockets, equipment et all... Ive lost a lot of interest in offshore... and the cost of boating only goes one way... g
  15. Alan. Thank you. I have a Catamaran and the cost for mooring and maintenance in the UK are pretty outrageous, plus the change in status when (IF) Brexit ever happens will make euro travel a little irritating. I did consider relocating to Thailand but........... currently, the Thai government are in the midst of changing all the immigration laws. Need to wait and see. I think a year or two cruising England internally would be amazing... Bummer that the Wey and Arun are not joined... Guess its a look at Guildford then... Thanks again. gary
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