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  1. That sound fantastic I will look in to hire from this company thank you so much xx
  2. Good thinking about keeping money aside for any unseen problems though the season I will take it all on board. Thank you Where's the best place to look at buying I'v been looking on line but does anyone know of a recommended Brooker for buying a cruiser. Will also look at narrow boat and will look at hiring one for a weekend or week. You lot are so helpful I can't believe how nice everyone as been. Thank you
  3. Yes I am thinking about a grp cruiser will be looking at spending upto 15k for my first boat would love a big narrow boat but need to be realistic and start small just incase its not my cup of tea but I'm sure I will love it. Need to buy a good one that doesn't really need a lot of work. Thank you again
  4. You guys and girls are fantastic really giving me food for thought I really can't thank you enough. Is there an app that gives you information about the canals and amount of locks.
  5. Yes it will that's why I will cruise with my doughter and wife my doughter is quite strong. Thank you for the information about the locks being heavy is type of information that is very useful to me and all please don't be afraid to question me or give constructive criticism I will take everything on board I really can't make it work without looking at every obstacle and how to overcome it thank you so much.
  6. Thank you dog. I'm over the moon I didn't think I would get any responses or much help I appreciate you all taking time to reply to me xx
  7. Thank you so much. I agree a proper mooring site than a farmers field would benefit me a lot more and make it easier and comfortable for me thank you so much everyone so far and I will have a look at the pump house might even go and look today as its not far from me at all thank you so much once again.
  8. Hi everyone I'm after some help and advice. I'm looking to joining all you guys and girls in the boating community this year after losing the best job in the world at Sandwell hospital due to ill health 5 years ago which made disabled I want my independence back. First question is about the boat do I go for a centre cockpit of rear cockpit boat I can walk but not long distance and my legs wobble so need a walking stick I ask this has not sure what type is easier to get on board. Second question is about mooring does anyone know of any cheap mooring site, bottom of a farmer field etc in the west midland as I have never been on a boat before so would like to keep the cost down for the first year incase its not my cup of tea, I will not be living on the boat I would just like to use it for little breaks to help boost my mental health and independence. Thank you so much to anyone who replies.
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