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  1. Essentially, yes. I find I am unreasonably nervous about this first trip. Someone at the marina has been in touch so should be OK. I don't mind the walk to be honest, but others have suggested taxis too Thanks for the info, much appreciated That is a good option, thanks David Thanks john6767, good to know. I have had a few people pointing out the kinks in Braunston tunnel, which I grateful for, as on the Ordnance Survey map, the tunnel show straight as an arrow!
  2. Not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this. I have to move the boat 4 miles to Braunston on Friday 22nd October from Welton Hythe marina. Now this is the first time I have driven it, and the first time it will have been driven for 18 months - long story. I have been on many hire holidays in the past and am quite happy steering etc, and have recently done the 2-day helmsman's course, but this will be my first time driving this boat and my fisrt time single handing. Long story short, if there is anyone out there willing, experienced and able to accompany me on this short journey (1 tunnel and ~ 6 locks) I would be most grateful. I am happy to pay £50 plus lunch when we get to Braunston. As for the return, we can either walk back or I can walk back and get the car, then go back to Braunston to pick whomever up. Thanks
  3. Ah didn't realise it was a separate item, thought it was part of the controller setup. At the kind of price it's going for it seems crazy not to if it makes charging the batteries easier and more efficient. Thanks
  4. Just looked up the difference on the interweb and yes, I do mean MCB (RCD was just a generic term I had floating around, but I should learn to be more exact in my terminology) Thanks again
  5. Do I? Good to know and just shows how little I know. Thanks Tracy Thanks Jen. I am hoping to get the controller as close as I can to the batteries. Between 1 and 2 metres maximum. Will that range be enough to make a difference in diameter needed? Hadn't thought about the size of the hole in the controller, good point. Thanks matty I am going to say yes as the Victron model is the Smart Solar with Bluetooth built in, but haven't got my head around the settings yet.
  6. I am going to be installing solar and wondered about the diameter of the cable needed from the MPPT controller to the batteries. The controller is a Victron 100/50 and will have two 295W panels connected to it, wired in series. The options seem to be 10mm squared or 16mm squared and I'm not sure which would be the most suitable. Also, plan to have an inline fuse close to the positive terminal of the battery bank and wanted to know what size fuse to use. Would a fuse be better than an RCD switch? If so any dos and don'ts? Thanks for you help
  7. Thanks Tony1. I will look for that thread. I hadn't thought of lateral force being a possible issue but as a new boater it is possible I may bash into stuff at first. I looked at those magnet mounts too on Bimble's site.
  8. Thanks Alan, I misunderstood David's post. I thought he was indicating that that was the problem with UFO vents rather than the method of isntallation. That is lot more encouraging and worth looking into more. Now I need to find one that requires the same size hole through the roof as the mushroom vent. i read earlier, I think, that they are the same, although was told by someone else that the UFO vents used a smaller diameter hole - I suppose it depends on whether my mushroom vents are 'standard' or not I have about 8 mushroom vents on my 66 foot boat, and not all on the centre line, a couple off to the side, so I think losing one should still be OK - but I will double check before any removal
  9. Read the first part of your post and thought 'yes, I can just change my mushroom vents for lower UFO types', then read the rest! Thanks for the info David, not neccessarily what I wanted to hear 🙂 but good to know . No point just changing one problem for another.
  10. I have no idea why it is quoting Tony1 but with no content - I must have pressed something. Anyway, thanks all for the input. Actually, to reply to your post Tony1, that is interesting about the panels being above the mushrooms not being a problem in bridges / tunnels. I think if I am going to use a mount that needs holes in the roof, then I will go with something simpler and keep the mushroom. Ideally, I would not make holes and get rid of the mushroom, but not sure if I'm just making another problem further down the road. In which case, some sort of corner mount I can Sikaflex down or possibly magnets ?
  11. Good point. It was something that I thought about, but I've got more mushroom vents on the roof than you can shake a stick at so removing one needn't be a problem. I haven't done a final calculation yet, just wanted to see what my options were 🙂 I'm not how a magazine rack would be useful on the ceiling - maybe as a conversation piece ? Thanks for the advice Tracy. I hadn't thought of using the same screw holes as for the vent. I assumed it would have to be welded.
  12. Wonder if anyone could give me some advice please. There is a mushroom where a solar panel is going (I won't bore anyone as to why it has to be ther, but it does) and not sure best way to deal with it. First idea is to have those swivel brackets and have the panel, at its lowest, flat point, just above the mushroom. Worried that this might still be a bit high in low tunnels etc. Next idea was to change mushroom for one of those lower UFO looking vents, although that may not be straightforward as the hole size is different (I'm told). Final thought was to remove and overplate, in which case, I could fix the panels with a mounting that doesn't mean drilling holes in the roof. Just don't know what to do for the best, so advice would be greatly appreciated
  13. I'm looking at replacing my batteries - that is really useful. You must have spent a considerable amount of time on it which is much appreciated. One question though - the 'score' at least for the great, good and OK, seems to be counter-intuitive - zero for great, 1 for good and 2 for OK. Am I missing something? Probably! 😀
  14. Having looked at the link Tony Brooks kindly sent, as well as other sites, I have narrowed my choices down a bit. I know it's an unfair thing to ask as it is very subjective, but would appreciate it if any of these make you throw up your hands in horror more than anything else. My choices are: Numax CXV31MF 105Ah (engine starter?) £99 Numax L110 / M110 110Ah £91.50 PowerPlus L110 110AH £100 A28 Varta Hobby 110Ah £110 as I say, it's mainly to stop me making a hideously bad purchase if at all possible. They are all, aprt from the CXV31MF, non-sealed. Thanks
  15. Thanks for that Tony, very useful
  16. Thanks everyone who replied, apologies for not posting sooner. I am immensely grateful for all the advice. The Leoch batteries, notwithstanding Loddon's praise for them, which I don't doubt, I have been turned off from by the way in which they are presented on that website - possibly an unfair appraisal. Because of my low knowledge of best charging practice, I think that for this purchase, my preference is for lead-acid batteries that I can check on and top up the electrolyte. That way, if I get it badly wrong I am not throwing away a fortune, jist possibly a small one. Basically, to treat them as consumables. Like Tony Brooks, I am uneasy about putting a sealed chemical reaction that is a battery in a boat - I personally do not have the precise knowledge of Tony, in my case it is mainly just an instinct. The problem is, most lead-acid batteries that I have looked at seemed to be described as 'sealed wet flooded' with no obvious way of topping up the distilled water. At the moment I have 3 Numax DC31MF 105Ah leisure batteries (which seemed to be sealed) and an unidentified starter battery. I have looked at other Numax batteries of 110Ah, which seem to be among the few I have found that are not 'sealed' Is this brand worth looking at seriously? Thanks again for all the comments and help
  17. Thanks hilandnick. I didn't think of using a 2 instead of 'to' or running it all together! Buggered up this quote a bit! Thanks Matty. I did get that, but going to facebook it just seems to throw up an error message saying the content is not for everyone or it is deleted. Searching on Facebook didn't come up with anything either
  18. Nothing on Facebook for Bow to Stern and Weedon Narrowboat Services. I'm stumped really, can't find contact details vai Google either. Anyone have either of these please?
  19. Didn't think of Facebook, I will try that, thanks again
  20. Have to say you have lost me there David, I have no idea what the C20 rate is I'm afraid. Seems a bit disingenuous of them to advertise them as 130Ah batteries doesn't it? Or do they assume that people who know about these things will, well . know about these things?
  21. OK, will do, thanks David. The link to these particular batteries is https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/12v-130ah-leoch-adventurer-leisure-battery-sfl-130dt/
  22. Thanks all. I am sorry I haven't thanked you before. I thought I had made a post asking Matty for details of Bow to Stern and Weedon Narrowboat Services, as I couldn't find them with Google, but it doesn't seem to be here. Maybe I am losing my marbles. I have looked at, and contacted, Four Counties and Run by the Sun. Thanks again, really appreciate all the advice I get on this forum
  23. These were recommended to me and wondered if they were any good - Leoch Adventurer SFL sealed lead acid batteries 130Ah. I was going to post a link to the site where I have seen them but I think that might be against the rules. If not liked, could anyone recommend others please. Doesn't have to be 130Ah, and happy to top up water rather than maintenance free
  24. Morning Can anyone recommend a good electrician / solar installer please? I am in a marina in the Daventry area on the GU. Thanks
  25. Morning. at the moment I have old carpet covering the floor. It has seen better days and it's coming up. The plan is to lay thin (6mm?) ply panels on top, seal the joints, then lay adhesive vinyl planks. Under the carpet is plywood, but looks like shutter ply rather than discrete layers. My question is: should I seal the existing plywood floor before laying the thin plywood panels? I had thought to use Thompsons water seal, but wonder if this is actually necessary as I can't do the underside. As always, appreciate any advice or suggestions
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