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  1. Just to update you all after you were so helpful.... I had a chat with the potential home, and asked that they let me know when they’d moved moorings (which they were intending to do in the following few days, to a rural spot) so we could visit and do a home/boat check, but I never heard any more from them. All the pups have now found homes though. Thank you all.
  2. Thank you all very much for the info here. It all sounds really possible, so next step is a chat with the potential adopters. We have 5 lurchers ourselves; 1 collie/whippet, 1 Saluki/grey/whippet, 1 whippet/Parsons Russel & 2 Bull lurchers (mix of sighthounds with a little bit of a bull breed, commonly a staffie, for those who don’t know. Sadly a type often used for illegal stuff like badger baiting as the bull breed part gives them extra strength.) Now, next question is.... do I need a boat?!? We’re next to Norfolk, so the Broads are accessible. (am mostly joking ?)
  3. Nightwatch thank you for the info. Your puppies look so teeny ?. The mum of these pups is a medium sized Lurcher, but as she’s a stray, dad is unknown. They’re looking lurchery at the moment though. Thank you for also saying that it’s more to do with the owner than the ‘home’, be it on land or water.
  4. Oh Alan, thank you for the information. Your sinking pug story made me gulp! Glad he’s Ok. We’ve fostered quite a few rescue dogs and this is our 4th litter to a pregnant stray, but this is the first time a potential home on the water has come up. I’m curious to learn more ?
  5. Thank you, Yes, we’d insist on life jackets. The rescue are totally open to the idea, I’m just curious about the practicalities, having only ever done toilet training (puppy, not me) in a garden.
  6. Hi I am a person without a boat, but I am fostering a litter of Lurcher pups for a dog rescue and a potential home has come up from a couple who live on a canal boat. I’ve no boat experience, and although I know loads of people have dogs on boats, could anyone help me by telling me the practicalities of raising a young pup on a boat pease? Pup will be 8 or 9 weeks old when he leaves us and was born here. The potential owners have no previous experience of having a puppy on board (they did foster an older rescue dog for a short while). Thanks in advance.
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