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  1. Ok looks like there’s a few points I should clarify here. first of all I have probably confused some people by calling it a raft. This won’t be something we knock up on a morning out of some barrels and rope. It will be more like a pontoon boat. Built in a workshop over the coming months, by a group of friends including welders, fabricators, carpenters and engineers. And will be built with the safety certificate requirements in mind, It will be as seaworthy as any other craft. Although we don’t want it to necessarily first appear that way, in an effort to get people talking about it and hopefully raise more money. The reason we are thinking of going down the safety certificate route is partly to simplify everything planning wise and also to give us all the correct paperwork (bsc, license and insurance) to prove all is ligitimate to anybond along the way. Another reason being we plan to use it for other fundraising events in the future, a bsc simplifying that also. Cost wise we are confident we will find an examiner willing to reduce his costs in the charitable cause. We have already had a great deal of donations of materials from various suppliers, even the promise of a engine from a chandlers! Charity wise the trip will be in memory of a close friend of ours who passed away recently. This follows on from the collections at his funeral and the charities he chose were the air ambulance and cancer research. I hope this puts a few people’s minds at ease, and you see this isn’t just a laugh and a serious trip that we are putting a great deal of planning in to.
  2. Most likely will be an outboard with remote tank. Preferably tucked away somewhere, or secured on deck if it makes any sort of difference to the bsc?
  3. It will be open, however it will have some sort of motor, fuel system and electrical system. Although we could probably get away without one, we hope to find a examiner that will appreciate the charitable cause and maybe donate or reduce his costs. This way all paperwork is in place and all should go smoothly.
  4. Thanks blackrose that’s exactly what we wanted to know. With regard to permission, we were just going to get insurance and a bsc and license it just like any other craft.
  5. Hi, new to the site. We are planning a charity raft trip from Stratford to Gloucester. Can anybody give us a guide to cruising time between the two please?
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