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  1. Yes it was the alternator. All the diodes had blown and when they were replaced they popped too so a new regulator was fitted and seems ok. It's now pushing out 28v. So thanks everyone for your much useful info although most of it I didn't understand. I did smile reading your comments with the odd frown ofcourse but generally I very much appreciate the tips and advice provided, especially the guy who made the effort to Google Rugby boats and provided information about the boat. Brilliant. So once again thank you very much. Andrew.
  2. Oh yeah I agree. They were really good and did help as much as they could (rugby boats ) . I did contact the original owner but he had no idea of anything. I know he paid out lots of wedge for alternator and engine overhaul etc. He also was in a marina with the boat as it has all hook up stuff and tons of 230 v sockets. I'm taking batts out today. And taking pics. Thank's for your comments.
  3. Over my head but I will post some pics later. There is a small box with 3 small red led lights on it. They all flash together when the engine starts, then just the first one stays on. Even after a days cruising.
  4. Hi again. So I bought the boat on 23rd December. Rugby Boats. I drove off and the inverter was on as it ran the 240v fridge. I didn't know. The volt meter was bang in the middle of the green section. Then on day 2. Whilst cruising the meter went high in the red at the end of dial basically. And it was jumping left and right. And so was the rev counter. I thought wtf. Then as the next 2 days went the meter steadied out but gradually went in yellow zone. Then red .and slowly down to empty. I checked the batts and 2 of them were dead. The other 2 were 7v. So dead as well. I managed without power for a few days until I got new batteries thinking that it was my nievety with the inverter that caused it. But something else must have happened. I do not use inverter any more. I sort of understand the quotes with 12v starter and 24v leisure. Seems daft to me also. Could I re adjust the batterys to 12v and see if they charge that way. I know my cables may be affected with the ampage drop etc but worth a try. So yeah. I've been a boat Owner for 6 weeks so please go easy. Ha.
  5. Yes it is. 12v starter 24v domestic. 1 alternator. Engine is a perkins prima. I don't know the alternator make. I will find out. When I checked it with a voltmeter is was only dishing out 17v. So possibly alt cattle trucked ! .
  6. Yes ofcourse. I work the same way. He did mention that there may still be a problem but me being hasty needed to move as I had overstayed in Apsley by 2 weeks. My fault really.
  7. Thank you Eryore. I am looking forward to having more time going thru the replys later after work.
  8. Yes it's had me scratching my head. I'll try and gather as much info later as not at the bitch atm. Obviously this is new to me but I do appreciate all your comments. Thank you . Fingers crossed. I agree. If anyone is available next Saturday . It's in Rickmansworth. Thank's.
  9. Ok thanks everyone. I only have 1 alternator. I will try the charging trick as fingers crossed their recoverable. Otherwise I'll take all out and get them charged elsewhere. At the moment the combined voltage on the ampmeter is 23.50. Even with engine running so 26/28 is what I need. I wish I had a 12 volt system. Lol. It is confusing. Oh I don't know. There are 2 split relays together. Maybe that explains.
  10. andrewbridget


  11. Hi, I have a charging issue it seems. I have just bought 4 new leisures at £600.00 and had them proffesionally fitted. But they are down to 11.5 v . The weird thing is the engine battery is getting fully charged. I have not used the inverter as that's how I killed the last lot. Only had the new ones on 3 days and I have been very careful. My system is 24v so they are linked - to + in the bank. The alternator is quite new and it's pushing out 17v. Not sure if that's right. The control panel says my batts are at 100% but that's obviously incorrect. And on another setting my amp hours said 280 but every second it dropped 2 hours until eventually saying zero hours left. I have a split charge relay and it reads the same as the alternator in motion. I'm just getting fed up now trying to sort this out as it's ruining my time on the boat. There's more info I want to add but I can't remember atm. So guys what dya think? Alternator, fuse, spilt relay or control panel.? Oh yeah when the last lot of batteries died my voltmeter shot up into the red zone as I reved the engine. Thank's.
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