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  1. remon

    In need for help

    I agree with a lot of members on here and I have to admit i have no clue of what i am doing that is why i turned here to get advice and help, I had a mate who was half with me on this boat since June last year who is a car mechanic and when we had the boat out of the water 3 months ago he assure me that I dont need to worry about the engine as he will sort it but now he pulled out and left me alone to deal with it, if it was up to me in the first place I would of just fix the engine that was in there but itis too late now engine out and stripped gearbox no good so I was told by boat club members to go for another engine with a gearbox fitted ready to drop in.
  2. remon

    In need for help

    I tried to sort another 1.5 bmc but no luck, I found this engine locally but it looks like it would be small for the boat. The guy advertise it as a BMW 7hp
  3. remon

    In need for help

    Sorry for the late reply, I had my bmc engine stripped down and the mechanic advice a full rebuilt add to that reconditioned diesel pump, starter and a new alternator. Now looking for a another engine complete with the gearbox to make life easier and will sell all the parts that I have. As mention about the boat is 25ft wooden boat and the crane guy that lift it out of the water for me said it is 2.5 tons, is there specific engine will be the best for it or just try to get a decent one and get someone to fit it. I was told no matter what engine I will put in the shape of the hull wont give much speed and I am not bothered about speed really, I am just worried to go for a small engine that will struggle to move the boat around. BTW I live in north east Thanks
  4. remon

    In need for help

    I really appreciate the help and the advice but with the bmc it is a long story but to cut it short I got a guy who called himself a mechanic who offered to help fitting the Perkins to the gearbox came out of the bmc but because it wasn't a direct fit he took the bell housing of my gear box off and took it to engineering place to take 5mm off to fit around the flywheel in the Perkins but came back the next day and the gearbox bell house had about 2mm holes in 2 places where they took some of the thickness off now I can't use that bell house because u was told itis too much strength on the gearbox and if I used it like that it will crack, I should of left the bmc where it was and do whatever it take to get it right but itis too late for that now this why I am thinking about another engine with the gear box is my best option, never thought the lister will be a problem so thanks for the advice I really appreciate it.
  5. remon

    In need for help

    Thanks for the advice I am already looking for a bother engine with a gearbox together, but it just a bit confusing for me because the previous engine was bmc 1.5 which was 36hp with 2:1 gearbox, I am going to view another engine locally tomorrow which is lister 3 cylinders air cooled come with 1:1 ratio gearbox but here is the thing the engine is the sl3 engine rated at 12.75 hp and 1800 RPM, it feels like I am going down in power instead of upgrading?! Members at the boat yard suggest because of the shape of my boat even if I put a bigger engine with more horsepower I won't get much more speed as I think, I am not mad about speed but in the other hand I don't want to make the engine work hard at full throttle all the time, Does anyone think the lister engine will be just fine to the boat or it will be under power to this kind of boats? Thanks
  6. remon

    In need for help

    I had to keep it wet and filled with water to keep the wood damp, Its like a project for me, getting the engine and the transmission done first then I will sort the rest out! The bmc develop a bottom nocking noise and had a problem with the fuel pump, alternator and the the starter was sticky this why I thought finding different engine will take the hassle away with it been my first boat I really didnt have much experience of what to do.
  7. remon

    In need for help

    Hello to all the members, I am new to boats with not much experience, last summer 2018 I bought a wooden boat 25 ft with 1.5 bmc inboard but unfortunately after a few month the engine let me down a few times and I was lucky to avoid disaster not the boat is out of the water and I am in the middle of changing the engine. I manage to get hold of a good running Perkins Prima M50 now I have the problem of fitting the new engine to the current gearbox. The gear box is Newage PRM Delta20, the problem the housing on the gear box is designed for the bmc with the starter motor on the right and the Perkins starter on the left. I am updloading a few photos and any advice will help. Thanks in advance
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