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  1. Hi everyone I’m thinking of getting a composting toilet any advice /experience/dos and fonts cheers Adam
  2. Hi was wondering if anyone had any info /photos on an old iron hulled boat called oats
  3. Thanks Jim sounds like a good plan
  4. Iv got bitumen on I think iv just brought the boat and taken it out of the water and given it a high pressure jet wash so I guess I’m looking at bitumen any recommendations for paticular manufacture thanks for your suggestion
  5. Any suggestions on best stuff to use when blacking bottom half of boat cheers
  6. They seem to quite popular is that the only draw back are they noisey
  7. Fair enough so what’s the best type of system to go with starting from scratch so. Open minded not got any experience of plumbing a boat but I have been a domestic heating engineer for 20 yrs any suggestions would be greatfuly recived
  8. Ain’t got one yet just starting a refurb so gonna be starting from scratch just trying to get some ideas at the min so any input greatfuly recived
  9. Thought I might try this What do you think
  10. What are the advantages of having separate systems for the heating /hot water just trying to get.a decent shower thanks for your input Adam
  11. Was just exploring all the possibilities got a morco on the boat at the min flow rate rubbish take your point about gas usage that was my concern I know you can alter the gas rating quite low on domestic boilers probably gonna go down the diesel heater with cylinder and run the cold water through a accumulator to bump up the pressure unless you’ve got any other ideas thanks for your feedback Sam looking forward to hearing what you think about alternatives Adam
  12. Hi was wondering has anyone ever installed a standard lpg combi boiler on a boat
  13. Hi slim I’m just about to pick my old boat up and need to give the engine a good service it’s the same 1.8 bmc that you said you had I want to take all the bits with me so I can do it before I move off don’t suppose you know what kind of air / fuel/ oil filters I’ll need also what’s the best oil for engine 

    long shot but you never know 

    hope you don’t mind me asking


    1. Slim



      The BMC 1.8 is , as you know, marinized by individuals and not to a set pattern. As a result you really need to check out the engine first. However I'll give you a few tips based on my lump.


      Oil filter. Widely available as fitted to a 70s/80s  Sherpa van. Although no longer mentioned in their charts a Halfords HOF 202 iis the one I usually fit.

      Engine oil. An obsolete specification cc or cd  15/40 is what you need. You might find it in an independent motor factors. You will find it on line when buying larger quantiles pays off. (full oil change needs roughly 5 litres).


      Fuel filter. Depends what was fitted but I'll lay odds it's a CAV /Delphi 296. Watch out for the sealing rings


      Air filter. Odds are you've got nothing or a very basic mesh filter that just needs rinsing out


      Alternator belt might need an early change but again I would suggest inspecting it to check condition and size. Size might still be visible when the best replacement is a Gates (again available on line).


      Finally do you have a workshop manual? A bit of searching on  line will turn up a full download of one. (not a site where you have to sign up to of provide any personal info.


      Think the above might give you a steer ,



  14. Yea iam been neglected a little and gonna need some work but really nice looking hull and if mr Allen was held in high regard then probably be worth the effort thanks for your input really appreciated
  15. That’s what comes up when I googled the boat so probably right then that’s good news old boat and a bit rough around the edges but if was a good builder then probably worth the effort to put it right then thanks for your input made things a lot clearer Yes I’m buying the boat
  16. Found a paragraph saying that the boat was built by les Allen does that normally mean that the boat would have been finished by John rickerby Is this normal practice
  17. Can anyone recommend somewhere or someone to do a service on said engine needs to be as close to cosgrove on the grand union iv just brought boat and don’t want to cruise home before it’s had a good service as don’t think it’s been done for a long time cheers any help greatfully received
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