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  1. I see the comment above about the father son thing, it was Keith and Carole who used to run the business and built it up. It was Richard Alderton who was rude to everyone and couldnt communicate with people on an equal level, he used to think he was better than everybody else who went into the shop as he was a spoilt brat as a child at school and never really grew up. There is no real surprise he just ran the business into the ground. My wife saw him in McDonalds flipping burgers.
  2. Businesses rely on repeat customers, and also good word of mouth. If you do not have satisfied customers they will tell others not to use the business. I personally purchased 6 leisure batteries from EBC then headed off down south to Brtistol, the new battery bank that was connected to my sterling alternator to battery charger could be charged to full and the next day it would be flat even with the master switch off, it turned out to be one of the batteries that was no good and the battery bank worked fine once this faulty battery was removed. but it took months to realise the problem. I spoke to EBC about the problem before it was diagnosed but they just kept telling me to pay for an electrician to come and fix my faulty wiring. You can see the comments in the google maps reviews that i made as i got fed up with arguing with the faceless man. there is no wonder the company went under. No company will ever close down if it is making a profit, all business will close down once they are making a loss. on another occasion i required a sterling part that was in the window so inquired about the price, it was 190 pounds but on the sterling website it could be purchased with next day delivery for 99 pounds. Surely if they are going to be sellers of starling products they should be the same price as from sterling directly,
  3. the alternator from ebay was duff and was repaired by local alternator repairer. please do not buy any sterling products from the ebay seller new as sterling do not recognize the warranty and the seller doesn't respond either. Charles sterling wont even discuss the products unless you purchased from him directly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/beacon-and-lightbars
  4. They said they dont think so but they not sure
  5. Thanks for the link. I did notice this some time ago, it is used and by the time i have bought an oil cap and the seals and the gasket it come to the same price as the mgb one and it can bend more easily. I would really like to knowif the Alloy mgb cover will fit Thanks again
  6. I am wondering if the MGB petrol rocker cover will fit on the 1.8 BMC diesel. mine is badly bent out of shape and is constantly leaking, it was sealed up with huge amounts of sealent when i bought the boat but after changing the tappet clearence i am now unable to seal it properly. here is the product i am hoping will fit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-NEW-MGB-ROADSTER-GT-B-SERIES-ALLOY-ROCKER-COVER-KIT/312321181023?hash=item48b7cb055f:g:ggUAAOSwUMxaFDkM Thanks
  7. thanks, i used a hole cutter and cut out a circle from the plate and changed the plug, was incredible easy!! The hole cutter was superb and about a fiver on ebay.
  8. thats what i suspected. I have noticed my engine block appears different to all the pictures i have found of the bmc 1.8. most seem to have one core plug like the mgb but mine appears to have 2 smaller ones next to each other. do you know why this is?
  9. Hi i have a leaking freeze plug on the bmc 1.8. it is behind the plate on the flywheel end and i do not know how to get it out to replace it has anybody had experience with this issue? it is a welch plug type. thanks
  10. I think its ok if you use a relay and if both are the same alternator
  11. I have read through the instructions for different products a few timed think the regulator has been taken out of my alternator as suggested by charles sterling as it was supposed to be sold with the PDAR external regulator as a bundle and they modified the alternator so it would be easy to install and nobody would have to take the alternator apart or do any soldering just connect to the wire they soldered on.
  12. I will look now, but this is what i thought originally but when i s[poke to charles sterling this morning when he finally rolled up to work he said it would not work without the PDAR as they modified it by taking out the regulator but i get the feelinhg they just bypassed it or something thanks
  13. WotEver Do you know how i can check if it has an internal regulator and if not which one i would need? I am happy with the a to b and it has served me well for a year now even though my lucas alternator keep trying to F*** me in the A*** by going to over volts eventually even with temp sensors on connected to A to B which i can see on remote as being about 78 degrees C max after 3 hrs running. I really like the a to b as it shows me battery temps and alternator temps and current of both banks and volts of both banks and time running on the remote in my living space while engine and charger and batteries are all at the other end in my engine room.
  14. Dr Bob i purchased the A to B to go with the 2 A127s which were not doing what i needed, i purchased the remote later so i could then check amps and do the other things that the remote does. the a127s still kept breaking and were just not reliable and they killed my last battery bank of 4 80Ah batteries as they ran at 30Volts for 2 hours and i swore never to use them again without the a to b and remote that shut down and protect the batteries, i spent 2000 on 8 240 Ah AGM batteries and need to take care of them so i purchased the 200Amp alternator to put on it as i have had enough of those crappy lucas things. Do you know why English men prefer warm beer??? Its because Lucas make fridges too )))
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