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  1. my wife went for a sailing trip in the carabean, she said its really nice. oh, jamaca? no she went of her own accord
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scots_Monastery%2C_Regensburg http://www.germanchurch.org.uk/edinburgh.php long history of german connections
  3. i dont know yet, i am going to make it with a few ceramic bearings so it moves efficiently, i asked a few friends in one of the sigs i am a member of for help
  4. oh, perhaps we misunderstood, thank you for explaining better @peterboat i agree. its to compensate the lack of solar
  5. ill make one. that may show you
  6. have you tried to generate any electricty with a sterling engine? they are used in renewables in spain. they generate electric and used on swedish ships and submarines to the point where the americans where impressed and leased the submarine fleet for a time to improve thier own engines. mock me if you wish. hot water would be 100c and so even if the water in the canal is 10c or-10c then itd be still generating energy. more than 50c difference
  7. no, a larger one can generate up to 150 kilovolts it uses a difference between heat to make energy
  8. hey, i need your help, i am designing an experimental sterling engine for electricity generation in winter, my idea is to use the backboiler of a fire to passivly pump heat round a central heating system and include in that system a coil of pipe or a hollow chamber on top of a sterling engine, this creates a heat difference between the bottom of the canal (which can be freezing) and the warmth of the hot water on the boat meaning the engine will turn and some electricity may be generated to help the battery when the diesil is not working as the canal is too cold. for this I need to know how cold the water is in different situations eg the canal water in a marina may be a degree warmer than on top the penine mountains; can you throw a thermometer overboard on your boat and record water tempriture every morning between 6 and 8am once a week over winter? or for liveabords as often as you can?
  9. random story: my friend björn works on a swedish submarine he was part of an exercise where the emericans failed to detenct them, the swedes use sterling engines, so, they did multipul attack runs on the american destroyers and simulated destroying the entire batelgroup scandinavian military is not a joke but we do pause for fika
  10. i wish we had more european identity - least there we can feel bad together about colonialism (im the great great great great.... great grand child of william wilberforce)
  11. scotland. i live in sweden just now
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