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  1. Does anybody know if i need an anti vandal key for the Mon and Brecon Canal? Cheers
  2. Can anyone tell me if there is one general windlass for canal locks? We will be only cruising on the Mon and Brecon Canal for now and are not sure what we will need for our adventures. From what I can tell there is a yale type key for using showers etc but also we will need a windlas for locks / liftbridges etc. Any info / tips appreciated. Ta
  3. Yes mate originally that was the plan but there are stoppages on the canal near Crickowell, so the boat would have been trapped until March. As it happened we used the slipway at Pontymoile. The guys running the moorings there were great and even jumped in their Land Rover (the guy who towed the boat had a Transit and thought the boat would drag his van down the slipway!) and reversed the boat down the slipway.
  4. Does anybody reccomend a delivery service to deliver a 26 foot fibreglass cabin cruiser from Drotwich to Mon Brecon canal in the next few days. Boat has no trailer will need to be taken out of slipway and then dropped back in on a slipway in Wales. Thanks
  5. Does anybody know if the slipway at Pontymoile on the Mon Brecon Canal is accessible to get a 26ft cruiser in? I remember the rooad being tight with traffic when i was there years ago and wonder if its good for getting in with a 26 footer on a trailer. Alternatively what is nearby. I dont fancy driving all the way to brecon. Cheers
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