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    Writing, military history, red wine, and tequila (not in the same glass) good conversation and my partner Sue

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    Aspiring writer

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  1. Thanks for the heads up have signed up so its available direct from my website no amazon account needed happy days for all. might help with my target of £2500 for the warrior programme i am trying to raise during 2019 BACK ON TOPIC L T Ryan and the first of his Jack Noble series just finished the first one an easy read and uncomplicated. and the Rick Fuller series by Robert white good stories little too much focus on designer labels but that is the only criticism
  2. Hi Tumshie never heard of book funnel but am looking at it now thanks for the heads up
  3. Thanks for that. the paperback comes straight from me or amazon if that helps reviewers choice.
  4. Hi Tumshie, no its a short link, straight to the amazon page it just makes the post look a little tidier. is that ok? Maybe should have said
  5. For anyone who has a forces background, you may or may not be aware off the Warrior Programme a military charity for all arms of the service https://warriorprogramme.org.uk/ I am trying to raise £2500 for them during 2019 by donating royalties from my book to that end i am offering two free copies 1 kindle 1 paperback all i want in return is a review any one interested please private message me its first come first served details of book here https://amzn.to/2BlvskV
  6. Back from the dark side. I have an elderly mother who lives in the midlands have been having dramas with social services and other fine bureaucratic services we the taxpayer fund . when the revolution comes etc etc . have now time to breathe read and to the annoyance of many write
  7. I have returned, and it is going better than I thought. Its nice to see that the interest in printed words is alive with such a diverse range of topics and opinions ...
  8. Hi again,, it seems your idea has wings
  9. Inspired by a comment during a conversation yesterday evening and the fact that the night are drawing in. I am a new member so don't want to appear to eager. But I cant find anywhere on this forum to discuss what you are currently reading, want to read, or just wish you hadn't bothered opening the first page. Personally I will read almost anything, I am eagerly awaiting the new Lee Child, Jack Reacher, they never let me down. Robert white has an interesting series The Fix, The fire and a couple of other theme SAS man turns contract killer in Manchester good story but his lead character Rick Fuller spends to much time shopping for designer labels. A very English Scandal , was a bit near the knuckle. Lots of buggering about "quite literally". does anyone have a favourite they want to recommend and would anyone be interested in forming a reading circle where we can exchange or swap books for discussion. The floor is open.
  10. Ok People its been fun the bottle is empty the silent majority hope you enjoyed the dialogue thanks for the welcome night night all
  11. chivalry is a dying art enjoy your 300 greenies.. Dont know if i feel bad saying that ?
  12. nope you gota give me a bigger clue have I won something nice like a crackerjack pencil .... was gona post that but now i know what a greenie is and I got a couple of greenies its been a good evening thanks guys
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