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  1. Welby1965

    Skew angle

    In the instructions it says alter the LNB skew to - 14 degs for the Midlands but I'm not sure that is correct given the slope of a NB roof
  2. Welby1965

    Skew angle

    Hi Anyone know what the skew angle of an LNB is on a sat dish for a narrow boat?? Just bought a maxview sat dish and I'm getting a picture but it's constantly flashing on and off. Followed the instructions but I'm not getting a constant picture.
  3. I have to change my galley tap but there is no stop cock on the hot water feed pipe under the sink. The cold feed has one fitted. Could i just turn off the water pump at the switch and drain down what water is in the hot water pipe and retrofit a stop cock and then fit the new tap at the same time? Or will there be a disaster if i did this? Never done plumbing on a narrow boat before. Thanks in advance for any advice
  4. I am a welder fabricator by trade and rust has always been a problem but i have never seen rust like i had in the bilge of my boat. I started scraping away and it came up in literally large pieces the size a dustpan about 1/2 a mm thick. Dont think it has ever been treated since it was built 20 years ago. So that's why i tried to get it back to solid steel and used a rust converter now rather than wait but i regret it now because it looks like it will take weeks to dry 😤
  5. Read the instructions and followed them but like it has been suggested maybe it's just too cold for it to work properly. I will leave it for another 24hrs and then gingerly rinse it off with a wet sponge and hope i don't muck it up 🤔
  6. Yes its cool in the bilge but i have the floor is up around it ??
  7. I de -rusted the base plate in in the next compartment on from the engine bilge and have treated it with fertan. But the fertan is not drying and is still wet 36hrs after application. I wondered if anyone could advise me what to do. I have tried to dry it with a hot air gun at great distance so not to burn it but merely to dry it! But no luck so far!!!!😤
  8. Probably been posted and asked about a million times but what is the best aerial for a narrow boat?
  9. Could you please help me with this topic. I am thinking of changing my battery bank from lead acid to lithium ion batteries and was wondering if you could just change out the lead acid without any other modifications or do you need to change just about everything? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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