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  1. The yellow is a plastic crimp. The plate it touches is the B+ spade connection. I was going to put a female spade connection on that cable and try it in the large spade connection. I am a bit confused. Nothing out of the ordinary. Shall report back with info in while Cheers
  2. Yes. The cable attached to the spade connection goes to the warning lamp and ignition. When I got sparx it was from the large spade connection next to the warning lightcable.connection. I checked with a multimeter with the cables in 5heir current location at the battery terminals whilst the engine was running and the reading didn't go up at all. I will cracking on tommorow Thanx
  3. the red cable with the blck tape goes to the positive on the battery , i am pretty sure the other end is attached to the B+ terminal, but i didn't get a reading from that terminal but got sparks from the three spade connecters, this is the live feed no. thanx for input, if i swap the connection over and its wrong , everthing will be ok or will there be sparks cheers
  4. I measured the terminals at W and B+ and got a reading of zero and from the spade terminal I got sparx and shat myself. Does this mean the live is from the spade connection. The pully belt is tight
  5. I have just returned from an eventfull trip to Ely with my partner and the kids, Everything was fine untill we ran out of battery pwer in the wild fens. I went to start the engine only to discover that the television switched off and the engine wouldn't turn over, I thought this was strange as the leisure battery and starter battery are on seperate systems, I checked the voltage on boyh battrys , they were both the same 11.54, this again I thought was strange, this emplys both batterys are connected as one and the split charge relay was permanently on. I limped back to ely , I replaced the switch and charged the battery only to discover that I am not getting a charge from the alternator, the alternator is new so I am hoping that I have wired it up wrong. alternator part no 382-08919 it has terminals W or M B+ 3 spade connections at the moment the exciter cable from the ignition goes to the spade connection and the charge to my battery is from B+, is this correct, I think i have the connections the wrong way round. thanx in advance
  6. It's fixed. I adjusted the cable to the gearbox. I noticed that the cable was pulling the lever a long way over whilst in reverse but not that much in forward so I adjusted the toggle on the lever.I shall get her moved then apply the changes to the oil Many thanxs
  7. The dipstick was indeed stuck. There was too much oil in the reduction box. I have emptied some out. Slighthe creamy Ness on surface. When engine is stopped the prop is engaged. I have to leave my mooring by this weekend. If I could get away with changing oil after I move to my new spot . My priority is to move Thanx for input Nothing like a bit of drama. A quick cuppa then start her up
  8. Gear differential EP80/90 GL-5 is what I put in. Gona have a cuppa then have a look at prop shaft and levers
  9. I popped up to halfords the other day to get some oil . What it suggestsays in the manual. They didn't have any but suggested I use the gear oil they have. Tommorow I shall go to Wilcot to get the correct oI'll. Drain the oil and replace I don't know the exact oil I bought . I shall go to the boat in the morning and find out. Thanx for the input
  10. I also thouight the reduction box dipstick was stuck, but it pulles out and then won't come any further also i cant see any marks on it, i suppose if it was stuck I wouldnt see the marks anyway. As far as the oil in the gearbox, i have just topped it up and not taken any out, would you suggest I let some oil out and check it? could I have put to much oil in the gearbox or too much or not enough in the reduction box, thanx for you time
  11. I have a lister SR2 with hydraulic gear box.The gearbox was engaged in forward so I topped up the gearbox. I also put oil in what I believe to be the reduction box . I couldn't find a dipstick on the reduction box . Just a plunger. Similar to a dipstick but doesn't come out. Now the reverse and neutral engage but not forward. I put oil where the tall brass bolt is on the reduction box.should I have done this?. Any advice. Regards Galaxy ranget
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