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  1. Ok, well you've answered what I wanted to know in this topic so we'll end it here. Thank you all for your responses, some were very helpful I have no further comment to make.
  2. Care to enlighten me seeing by your statement you lay claim to superior knowledge.
  3. In truth though is there that much down to the hull or is it more the weighting inside the boat - off centre water storage tanks/cylinders/heavy items etc that make the boat list and or shift weight awkwardly when moving? Large water tanks with a lot of water sloshing around or too light on thd bow, etc.
  4. Thanks Richard, it's good to know and see the pics also. I quite like thE bow on their boats so may be worth a visit to get an idea of price.
  5. If your not on a computer doing the design then it is not 'computer aided'. So yes it IS all about computers, you can't do it without one.
  6. You know it is short form for 'Computer Aided Design' the hint is there that it is all about computers, lol.
  7. Do you know how disrespectful it is to be told that your carefully detailed CAD drawings will disrespected and insult given in the form of a fag packet drawing. We have seen from one poster on here how his own measured drawings were disrespected and he ended up getting something not quite what he asked for. Like it or not time moves on and so does developments, some people can move with the times others can't. It doesn't necessarily have to do with age, some older folk can be more on top of developments than younger people. A lot of the time it is down to ignorance and not wanting to learn.
  8. Sure but I'm guessing most boat builders know that if you get less in size then less is the price, i.e that it is driven more by customer perception of what they would be looking to pay by size than the actual economics behind it. I'm guessing the reason you state is why less boatbuilders are openly building the smaller narrowboats. That and a fair amount of customers go for the longer boats anyway.
  9. Thanks Athy, I've looked at their website and they seem fine. So they may be worth a look when the time comes. They also seem to do some deep bow wells so may be ok. I've looked at Colecraft also and they seem to do a few deep bow wells judging from their website pics. I kind of like the look of Colecraft bows a little more than Reeves. On another thread someone said that Reeves would have no problem doing other bows and are open to what the customer likes. My only concern is that both Colecraft & Reeves might get a bit pricey even for a hull/sailaway. I dont mind a few quid more but dont want to pay lots of money either. Anyone bought a hull/sailaway of them of recent? Looking on the Collingwood website, they give the price of their widebeams. A 40ft is 20k for hull only so I'm guessing a narrowboat that is less width and a bit shorter would be less, perhaps 16-18k for hull only. So perhaps a sailaway about another 10k on top perhaps I'm thinking. http://www.collingwoodboatbuilders.co.uk/range/widebeam/
  10. Any idea on the other boat builder that does it? I'm also thinking that I may be interested in a 'eco hull'. I'm not really an environmentalist but I think they look quite nice and if it saves on fuel so long as it would not cost loads more to build. Again though I would also want the low bow deck.
  11. What about sitting/crouching on thE side of the boat and lowering yourself in? Any good?
  12. Ah, I see what you mean Alan, surprising. Yes when you explain it like that I guess seats are surprisingly high, not far under a two foot step down/jump into a space with little room for run on from the momentum. Let's hope the boat builder won't take offense to me asking for a built in step
  13. Yeah, I knew the water tanks would have to go from there. It's a sacrifice I would prefer though. I think the only place left is under the bed. I will only use the central part to keep the boat well balanced. I will raise the bed level a little to allow a slightly larger tank and will be content to accept I won't be able to carry a log of water I think.
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