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  1. So it was rcr that advised me to change it. The reason is that the screwthread in the housing is stripped and i assume i have the standard vetus model fitted
  2. Hi have been recommended to change the inline fuel filter for a cav type. Can anyone tell me what type of thread i need ? 1/4 or 3/8 bsp ? The original is for a vetus engine. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks will definitely give him a ring.
  4. Thanks, would you have his number please?
  5. Can anyone recommend a good narrow Boat electrician in the derby/staffs area?
  6. Hi we are still bringing our boat down from the north to the West Midlands, currently just outside of Nottingham. Can anyone tell me of any overnight moorings perhaps cranfleet that don't involve a marina?
  7. Hi do you need an anti vandal key for travelling on the river Trent onto the Trent and Mersey?
  8. Ok thanks, thought as much, but just thought we'd check anyway.
  9. Could anyone tell me if when buying a boat, does the licence get transferred to the new owner or do you have to start from fresh?
  10. Thanks for the reply Nick Norman we realise that you have to move every 2 weeks but as we live in Bloxwich, we will be mooring anywhere from the Brownhills to Willenhall areas so we can have easy access locally.
  11. Hi everyone , we're new to boating and will be bringing our boat down from up north ,mooring on W&E willenhall/ brownhils area by our house. Having walked some if it recently,we noticed there is not a lot of action in the way of boat traffic. Lots of weed and some parts seem pretty impassable. Has anyone been this way recently?
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