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  1. Thanks, and sorry if i made a bad impression. I build and re strake wooden boats ( i have a 70ft wooden narrowboat). I rebuild deisel engines for fun. Specialing in Perkins. Got 4 or 5 4.108s in my garage now. I also have a William Osborne "Kingswift" Twin screw with perkins . I have plated and overplatef many narrowboats (Spingers the worst) Built houseboats from concrete pontoons. Fitted out about 20 odd boats ranging from narrowboats to trawlers. Take boats across the channel or North sea as an engineer not a technician. And many other things.
  2. Hi Seadog Was very helpful, thank you. Will let you know how he does it. But if you want to borrow mine, your welcome, it arrived yesterday. Nothing special. Should be easy for him to copy.
  3. Ordered one of these https://www.cclcomponents.com/victron-energy-interface-mk3-usb-ve-bus-to-usb?gclid=CjwKCAjwoMPcBRAWEiwAiAqZh6CC_wTCPwkPJI9gN4kOXtPekWeymwi-gGhXq19g_Zp-qsqcl7103BoC6XwQAvD_BwE
  4. Thank you. Great answer. Much appreciated. My son could probably make one knowing this. Ordered one now, should be here today. If anyone needs it after the weekend let me know
  5. I never said they are rare just expensive to use only once which is why i offered to rent it. Someone could have made some money back for one which they may have only needed once. Im leaving because it souds like people taking the piss and changing my original thred. You included. You dont know what i have to offer either. Im a boat engineer with my own company and a member of The Watermans Hall. Probably know a lot more than you about boats . Prick.
  6. By the way intrrgaves are rarer than rocking horse sh** but it seems interfaces are too. Unless your prepaired to pay for one. I hope noone on here needs to borrow mine. Thanks for all your not help, leaving this site.
  7. The interfaces mk1 , 2 or 3 to usb are widely available, but because im only to use it once for 10 mins thought someone might have already bought one and want to get some money back by renting it. Afterall its only used to change internal settings. And if its working its working, unfortunately mine will not work with my 2.8kva generator but will with my mates cheap 700w one.
  8. I have Kondi on a kindle with every tv station in the world which i bluetooth to my 12v telly. All for free.
  9. Do you get all the tv channels with Kodi on the boat.?
  10. You can always get a repeater to send signal farther down the boat. Just get a repeater.
  11. All i need is a VE mk1 2 or 3 usb adaptor or interface. I need to connect my charger inverter to my laptop to change 1 setting to allow my generator to work it. Sorry for mispelling. Ordered one now for £62 as i need it this weekend to make sure i have enough juice in my batteries for my dads breathing machine (240v through inverter with 550ah battery bank which is low)
  12. Finestboat


  13. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone has a Victron mk1 or mk2 or 3 usb interface that i could borrow or hire for a day. Many thanks.
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