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  1. Thank StephenA I am aware of this and at present looking for an alternative this may possibly be open street maps As for coming popular it seems that the do not share policy adopted by some may put pay to that
  2. There are some interesting comments and constructive feedback thank you all for your time This may be the way to move forward with the site
  3. there is the choice in the search facility. but it won't matter as you won't be using the site anyway lol
  4. Hi Alan All these will be and are available as the option is selected in the listing, other words it will show up in the search criteria when a listing has the option selected same as all the waterways are shown as they are used. Thx Martin
  5. Thx for your reply Permanent moorings can be advertised under moorings for rent, but I have put the private option in the general moorings now and made it searchable if you wish to promote a privately owned business mooring you can now, and hope you do. There was already a subcategory for visitors moorings. Thank you for your feedback much appreciated Martin
  6. May I introduce a brand new website called Inland Moorings to you all. The site has just started up in Aug this year and the idea of the site is to collect, categorise, and provide as much information on the UK canal & river moorings as possible. A big big task I hear you say, well that's where I hope you come in, I'm asking if I can tap into your vast knowledge and experience to upload on the site your favourite (and not so favourite) mooring sites, for this to work we need input, I will be touring the network but that will take some time and places may be missed, so your knowledge is what the site needs. There are categories, from general moorings, pub side moorings, to rural mooring sites, the good spots to go and the bad no-go areas not to moor categories. If we can invest just a little time every now and then, then the site will soon grow and become a useful asset to all users of the waterways. If you would like to pop over and see whats what the link is https://inlandmoorings.com there are NO fees involved totally free to use even for commercial enterprises (there is a roving trader section) Feedback would also be great I will be here if you have any questions My name is Martin editor of Inland Moorings thanks for your time......
  7. Inland Mooringshttps://inlandmoorings.com My name is Martin editor of a brand new website called Inland Moorings. Inland Moorings will be a website that over time (and hopefully with help from you) aims to collect a list of online and offline moorings plus associated businesses from all around the UK Canal & Rivers, categorising them and to give as much information on these moorings and businesses as possible.This will give users of the waterways a reference and be more informed as to the best (and worst) spots to visit, or avoid and know what to expect and required before taking the journey. This is the intention anyway. If you take a look https://inlandmoorings.com you will notice the site is a little bare, as the site only opened this August 2018. I am hoping to tap into your vast knowledge and experience of the UK waterways and for anyone to upload any popular (and not so popular) mooring sites from around the waterways that they feel needs a special mention. I really hope you use and enjoy the site. Also looking for feedback ref the site what do you think generally. I will be here if you have any questions. Many thx for your time (Post was OK'ed by RichM) Share your views and discuss in the topic linked below:
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