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  1. I ma afriad all i could do when reading the last post about water being wet all i could do was laugh... thanks ernie
  2. Hi all, Well thanks couldnt beleive the amount of replies and such help....thanks a bunch peeps. Previous boat was a 70 footer butty barge with a wooden hulll and could cold or could be warm but was warm and damp and wouldnt want to go back to that again...lol.... the musty smell etc etc..it was in the air like books curling up etc. But what great news to hear that some boats are obviously warm and dry, which is the main concern for health being a guitarist an all, dont wanna get damp generated illnesses etc. But seems that buy new and get no damp, buy older boat with issues and get damp..hmmmm Thnaks for the post mentioning a marina ... must admit the moorrings the biggest worry, back to the world of boats, looking through the other posts all i can say is rights what rights. Any way hope to get lots more help thanks a bunch, it is much needed and appreciated. Ernie_the_fish
  3. Hi all, First may i say hi to you all and what a great site ! I have lived on 4 boats so far and now after being on dry land for some time i am wanting to get back on board but after all these years where do i start, so heres a couple of questions. 1, where and can i get an affordable residential mooring in the lincolnshire cambridge areas, and how, so much info such a little brain...lol 2, how is it on your health as you get older 3, is it always damp? I realise these are probably asked loads of times but pelase have pitty on a wee fish, lol. Thanks for all your help. Ernie
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