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  1. TVM do also manage two sites in Kingston - Charter Quay and Riverside. There, they don't have to use the EA signage and the signage is very welcoming and friendly - nothing like the Green Signs. I'm interested in what you say about the two websites - I'd heard people talking about it and I've had a good look and it does look like the Where2Moor site has just been copied from TVM. That just about sums up the integrity of the Ethical Carparking Company. If proven, I wonder what the implications of Reading and HC Palace using a copied website to obtain money is???? Any copyright lawyers out there?
  2. Going back to TVM making up the rules. Yes, the rule that you register and pay TVM is new but the rules regarding registering and paying, are not. Please look back to the video on DE’s website filmed in 2013. If you freeze on the sign at East Street, you will see the rules were the same as they are today. If I was a bit more IT savvy I’d post a picture but unfortunately, I’m not but the link is: http://www.district-.co.uk/moorings-enforcement.html The only difference now is that you are required to register your arrival with TVM, not the lock-keeper. TVM’s role is to manage the rules as set out by the EA. The £100 charge is not payable to TVM but to NSL according to the signs. I am told that the signs were not designed by TVM, their contact details were put on the original signs by the EA at the beginning of the trial. The signs are still the original ones from the enforcement trial with District Enforcement. So, the mystery of the sign similarity is solved! For those of us who use the moorings in the area of the TVM trial, there is no doubt it has made a difference. The visitor moorings are now far more available for everyone because overstayers are being dealt with which can only be a good thing. I can’t imagine much pocket lining is going on as it is so much easier to move every day in which case no fee is payable.
  3. As I understand it, the quoted reply didn't not relate to the visitor moorings, the issue of the visitor moorings was dealt with in Q8: "The scheme is not aimed at generating income but at helping boaters tour the Thames. TVM had succeeded in achieving a high rate of compliance in the use of visitor moorings, as a result no £100 charges had in fact been levied." It should also be made clear that the rules relating to the EA visitor moorings were in place way before TVM came on the scene so it is kind of clouding the issue to suggest TVM made up the rules - I can't imagine a scenario where the rules would or could be changed in such a way.
  4. The reason for the confusion is that the information on the District Enforcement website about their enforcement trial with the EA allows you to think it is current. It isn't, the video is dated 2013 and the information from the EA states that the trial was for the period of August 2013 to February 2014. What this does is enable DE to let Landowners (potential Clients) believe they are still involved whilst not actually stating it. Misleading? Dishonest?
  5. Have just discovered that on Monday of this week Hampton Court Palace unveiled the unpleasant, aggressive signs that we are all so familiar with. Not only that, I am informed that the moorings are monitored by DE staff dressed in police type costumes including stab vests and body cams. Hampton Court was always a charming place to moor, friendly and relaxed - what are Historic Royal Palaces thinking of? What is amusing is that DE are using their friendly "Where2Moor" website to take registrations and payments and it doesn't work!! A call to Hampton Court reveals that there are teething problems and no payment is necessary for the next few days while the issue is sorted.
  6. Happy Boater

    Happy Boater

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