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  1. I'll try that, got loads of them and i think they're the only things that work on the boat lol
  2. I've left the motor off (dithering on flinging it in the canal). I had a look at the teeth and they all seem fine. Just waiting on a 26mm spanner to come so i can try turn the flywheel from the other end
  3. The place i got it reconditioned is very reputable and have a "designated fixer", i can only assume that he did all the correct tests but will call tomorrow and find out. If its not one thing, its another with this boat!!! lol
  4. Hi all, So update on this issue (finally got to it due to lockdown up here). I have removed the starter and had it reconditioned, fitted it today and still nothing. The starter is working fine as can feel it. The next step is to try and move the drive wheel (i think thats what its called?) with a 26mm ring spanner and hope that they both just need to align.
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  6. Yeah, the engine clean is on my to do list. I'll try that once the weather dies down.
  7. Alan, Thank you!! , that is my next task next week, just getting hit with this storm and actually starting to feel seasick lol
  8. Hi all, was wondering if anyone can help/confirm what the problem may be with my thornycroft engine. Batteries are brand new but I suspect it may be the starter motor. Alan. 20200214_123759.mp4
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