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  1. Thanks for your input, I have contacted the manufacturer RE heat transmission to the hearth, receiving it in writing is probably enough. What I guess I was trying to ask from my original post was whether anyone knew if it is a compulsory requirement of BS EN 13240, that any stove complying with this code, must limit transmission of heat to the the hearth, such that the hearth is kept below 100 C? I cannot afford these codes and soliftec document just says that stoves must comply with the above?
  2. Thanks for your advise. We have a Webasto diesel powered heater that powers our central heating, whilst it is sufficiently warm when it has been on for a while, it uses a surprising amount of electricity and diesel, it would be very expensive and we would require a large battery bank to keep it running 24/7 which it really needs to be when very cold (I'm also pretty sure these type of heaters aren't meant to be used in this way). I am also very aware that our battery bank is currently insufficient for our needs and we are in the process of replacing, which will mean we can keep the heating on longer. We have bought the stove (which is the correct size for the size of room we have) for a number of reasons: As it can be left on for longer periods of time and throughout the night without destroying our batteries. to help with humidity/ condensation on the boat It will give us a lot of heat in the main room at least, where as, unless the radiators have been on all day, it is still a bit chilly on very cold days. because we wanted one for aesthetics and feel etc. We have one large main room and an open corridor to the bedroom, we will be circulating the heat from the stove with fans as best as anyone on any boat can. What we really need help on is how to install a safe hearth.
  3. Yes at some point I will be installing a 1000ah bank with solar to match based on my power audit. Thanks for helping with my electrics but I'm really focused on the stove at the moment.
  4. The boat came as a sailaway with additions and only 3 110ah batteries which I am using for tv, laptops, lights etc, I need to add more batteries for many reasons not just the heating but I am prioritising various costs over the months. I can get it to last a good 4 hours with other electric use but not all night.
  5. Its a massive boat, 60x12, everyone I've spoken to has recommended we get about 8kw based on the internal space. I wouldn't like to rely on my radiators again especially as I cant run them all night off my batteries and they use so much diesel, we were totally freezing for a good few nights.
  6. I think that's only for normal domestic situations. Other stoves which are regularly installed on boats like the morso also quote a 14ft chimney.
  7. Hi everyone I am about to install a stove on my new boat after surviving this winter with only radiators! I'm very tight on cash hence the late instillation and I'm hoping to construct the hearth myself but I want to ensure it is going to be safe not just for myself but for any potential future owner. I am struggling a bit with converting the instructions in the manual to what is appropriate in a boat setting. Hoping there are some informed people here that might be able to help. This is the manual for my stove. Although this manual is a newer version. My stove is 9 yrs old and the old manual has this number DIN EN 13240 . The stove also has a CE marking. http://www.hetas.co.uk/wp-content/mediauploads/Franco-Belge-Monaco-Installation-Operating-Instructions.pdf However,following the instillation instructions in the manual seems to mean we will need a constructional hearth measuring 125mm thick with a 50mm air gap, I've read in other posts that stoves with a CE marking only need a 12mm hearth. Is this correct? If not, how have people tackled the above requirement? I also have questions about the size of the hearth. The manual recommends 300mm in front of the stove or 225 if the stove is not to be operated as an open fire. This means the total size of my hearth is to be about 860mm wide, and 730 deep. Seems huge compared to all the other hearths I've seen on boats. I am aware that this distance can be reduced if the hearth is installed with a high 'lip' is there any guidance on how much the size of the hearth can be reduced by with a lip and how high the lip should be? Thanks everyone
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