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  1. Thank you very much for that hind. I will check on that.
  2. Good evening gentlemen thanks to Fitter kieron (thank you again!!!) I got a starter for my friend's Coventry Victor Vixen HDW2. Now, my mate has some questions I would like to ask here. Maybe someone can help. In which angle/ angular degree has the injector nozzle to be installed? At the moment it’s installed in a 45 degrees angle. I have a problem with the engine. It churns to life (it doesn’t start easily) and smokes quite a lot. What could be the reason and what could do to make it start better and smoke less? How much are two working (also remanufactured) injection pumps? The picture attached shows the injection pump. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello, it's me again. Does anyone have an idea where I can purchase a starter for a coventry victor HDW2 (it can be also one that needs to be repaired/ remanufactured)?. If you put the starter in the engine, the starter needs to turn clockwise as seen on the picture.
  4. My friend has the waterpipes probably taken off.
  5. You mean those (red arrow)? What are they for?
  6. This might be right. Thank you for your help!
  7. Hello everyone! A friend of mine purchased a "Coventry Victor HDW" diesel flat engine. Unfortunately we do not have many information at all about this engine. I found some data on oldengine.org though. The engine's badge says HDA2, which implies it is an "A"ir-cooled engine. I believe the badge has been channged, as my friend's engine is definitely water-cooled. There are two parts, one on each side of the cylinders from which we do not know what they are for. Can anyone help? I attached pictures. Many thanks!
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