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  1. Yup tell me about it... I put in a full price offer on a boat (with a broker who told us 1st come 1st served on many occasions) and they rang someone up and told them to come and have a look - and sold it to them for the same offer! Grrrr Anyway the boat was overpriced but took a long time to knock it down to what it should be! (now in line with surveyor valuation) Oh yes it needs some bits and pieces - but I won't have a problem with that
  2. Its been a bit of a challenge, but I think we have finally got a boat. Its one we had a survey on a few months ago and pulled out because the seller wouldn't negotiate on what was needed. We reminded them of our offer and they accepted it second time around. Deposit paid on it again for the 2nd time ? and intend to pick it up in a week and a half
  3. Have you noticed that Tattenhall and Venetian both have short boats at the right sort of money?
  4. I've been to Braunston a few times over the last few weeks and have had a brief nosey around the outside. Not the boat for me (far too small) but I love the look of it!
  5. Next boat found, 1 owner from new with stacks of paperwork. Not as "nice" as the last one and 5 years older but has some distinct advantages. (As with all, it will need a few mods). Was also professionally refitted in 2013 Being surveyed by Steve Hands early next month, fingers crossed for a good result!
  6. Of course... because they arn't floating and flat the water level could go above the pipe before there is enough depth to re-float. Should have twigged that!
  7. Can anyone explain the need for the exhausts on to boats to be bunged during the refloating? Im sure there must be a good reason - but I can't think what!
  8. Thanks guys... its a shame but this boat wasn't right for us... onwards and upwards. Spotted another and its a private sale so not sure how well that would work survey wise
  9. Hi guys Next question, next boat... Looking at a pretty tidy uptogether one. Its a 2006 55ft Midway Boats narrowboat and its all uptogether with all the paperwork etc. The problem is the CIN plate shows 4 people and on occasion we would want up to 6 people on board. How much of a problem is it? Would it be possible to get it "uprated" to 6 if so what would be involved? Thanks
  10. Basically the contract turned up and it became apparent that there was pretty much none of the documentation there should be... between the offer and now they have been attempting to get copies - and haven't managed it. Still sure the boat is a good one - but the lack of paperwork was the issue Contract never signed, no money changed hands and Nick even said he wouldn't have gone ahead when in the same position. We have been told they will let us know if anything else turns up which may be suitable and would be happy for us to put offers on other boats
  11. Holy thread revival... Boat has fallen through (before any money was spent) and the broker agreed he would have done the same thing. Been and looked at another which is ok... broker seemed very keen to point out that surveyors "always" say the bottom of boats are unpainted (and even if they were it would scrape off anyway) and that a surveyor would issue a new bsc from a full out of water survey if asked... does that sound correct? Was looking at a 2003 boat being sold by the marina that built it
  12. Hmm thats what I was thinking... high impact but low probability - and potential resale issues. Will have to see what invoices etc there are. But we haven't seen them.
  13. So... Found a surveyor (£10/ft) Got the contract to sign... and it transpires that there is no evidence of VAT paid - which wasn't mentioned before. We should get the bill of sale to the previous owner. Boat was part x'd to back to Liverpool Boats, and the new owner bought it off them (private sale). We should be getting a copy of that invoice. What is the worst that can happen, and whats the likelyhood of it being a problem?
  14. Thanks very much - do you have any contact details?
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