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    Photography and water. sometimes in whisky

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    Retired photographer
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    in the air ,but England

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  1. PMcC

    Inside hull paint

    Thanks for your reply I'll certainly put a panel in, like the idea of keeping wine cool in there
  2. PMcC

    Inside hull paint

    Having found the perfect boat for me, a 2010 Skater marine , (who were taken over by Liverpool boats in the same year) 57' narrowboat with cruiser stern. The survey is good with only a couple of small problems, except one thing worries me and that's that the surveyor yold me on the phone that gas bottle compartment has never been painted, would this mean that the whole of the interior hull has not been painted ? Unfortunately the bilge is not visible without cutting a panel in the floor. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be present for the survey and am still waiting for the written report What are your thoughts on this as it's a £50,000 plus boat. Any advice would be very welcome.
  3. PMcC

    Skater Marine

    Thanks for that it answers my question
  4. PMcC

    Skater Marine

    Good morning everyone, I've found a boat I like, built by Skater marine does anyone know if these hulls are of a good standard , as their website seems to be unavailable. Many thanks Phill
  5. PMcC

    Non refundable deposit

    It's a big , can't call it an investment as it will decrease in value with time, so I will have a survey, two other boats I don't like as much but am hesitating about are only asking for 1000 deposit so 10% seems a bit over the top. Anyway thanks for your view
  6. Hi everyone , I've at last found a boat I like The only problem is that the broker is asking for a 10% deposit in this case over £5000 non refundable subject to survey. The subject to survey isn't very clear on what that means. Now I would never pay that for a house non refundable, is it normal when buying a boat ? any input would be very appreciated. Phill
  7. PMcC

    Ready to buy any advice please

    Agreed but go off topic never
  8. PMcC

    Straight sided boats ?

    Thanks you've backed up what I thought, second hand boats seem to be cheaper when in the 60,000 range but they are ugly and the wider top will make it more difficult for me alone. So I'll just have to fork out for a good looking boat. Many thanks.
  9. PMcC

    Straight sided boats ?

    The cabin not the hull I've edited the post to make it more clear , thanks
  10. PMcC

    Straight sided boats ?

    Oh Thanks 'Tumblehome' They seem a lot cheaper but They do look ugly, So I'm looking for a good reason not to save £10.000
  11. Hi I'm looking for a 57' narrowboat and an awful lot seem to have more upright sides than what I consider normal, I can see the advantage but personally prefer the more slanted ones. Is there a disadvantage to upright sides, low tunnels for example or doesn't it make any difference apart from the look. I'M REFERING TO THE CABIN TUMBLEHOME Thanks
  12. PMcC

    Youtube Videos Stolen?

    It doesn't work that way each advertiser bids to advertise on your chanel the bids on specialized subjects can be very high per click, if no one wants your chanel the bids will be very low. Some of the main advertiser will pay a lot around $20 a click. That of course for very carefully aimed products, it's a very good way of hitting a audience that is ideal for your products.
  13. PMcC

    Youtube Videos Stolen?

    It's the new rules, I'm ok with 110.000 subscriptions I think you need 1000 but that's just a question of making a few more videos and they will increase. When I joined it was 1 million views if I remember right. The first 10.000 took me almost a year then it increased extremely fast. Now I have over 8 million. So don't be discouraged it will happen.
  14. PMcC

    Youtube Videos Stolen?

    I was talking about a new channel I have two going now one with 150 films the other in French with around 25 both on photography. Have a look https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL95jq63Yp4SgGwfTq1FU0A
  15. PMcC

    Youtube Videos Stolen?

    It's like everything the average is dragged down by the guys with just two or three vids. You need a hundred or more to start making a decent income. The adsense clicks are great but it depends on who is advertising on your channel, getting that right is an art in itself. You would be surprised how many clicks you get when you have the right ads and at what price , To be honest I've never seen anything as low as $7 a thousand normally it's not far off that per click on an add not view but advertisement.

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