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    Photography and water. sometimes in whisky

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    Retired photographer
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  1. Height of a narrowboat

    What I don't understand is why not just fly over the tunnels surely it would be easier
  2. Height of a narrowboat

    Thanks "AIRDRAFT" I had no idea it was called that many thanks. Phill
  3. Height of a narrowboat

    Now I know why I LIKE THIS FORUM , is there a narrowboat joke forum ?
  4. Height of a narrowboat

    Hi Jen that's exactly the question how high is your boat ? There seems to be narrowboats of different exterior heights. Thanks for your reply
  5. Height of a narrowboat

    Great idea but the boat can't duck :)) Not so worried about interior height , just I don't want to buy one for a pygmy if I don't need to
  6. Hi everyone and thanks for great replies on my other two topics. As soon as I find a suitable boat , a 57' narrowboat cruiser stern (I think I'd fall off a trad and while I've read a lot about them and gained a bit of knowledge through this site, one questions seems to be unanswered. My daughter lives in Hebdon bridge , so Ideally I'd like to cruise that area a lot . Which if I'm correct is the Rochdale canal. I'm told that 57' long 6'10 wide will be able to do it. The big question is height, I realise that water level , slope on sides of cabin, ballast and general loads , fuel etc makes a difference but can anyone. Give me some advice on the height. I'm 6'2 so I don't want to buy an unessecerily low boat. So what exterior height would I need. Many thanks Phill
  7. Hull minefield

    Thankyou, lots of things to look for
  8. Hull minefield

    Thanks again, makes very interesting reading.
  9. Hull minefield

    Thanks so much, that's helped put my mind a little more at ease . What difference does the electrical system make ? Many thanks
  10. Hull minefield

    I've read a lot and learning a little I'm finding it very worrying that I'm seeing some boats needing replateing after 10-15 years or so. I've also read that two replates is the maximum. Is this down to low quality hulls, or just neglect with blacking if so who makes the best hulls. I really don't want to spend £50.000 and find that my boat will be scrapped after 15 or twenty years. Another problem seems to be surveyors who take no responsibility for their reports, so what does a newbee do about buying a 57' narrowboat. Any advice would be very welcome Thanks Phill
  11. Helps with the agitation as well :)) I'll also have an A2 digita printer aboard, maybe I'll be able to sell a few prints as well :))
  12. I use both but even I tend to concentrate more with film, not because of the cost but the fact I can't see an instant result. To be honest I was a much better photographer before digital, making sure that the light was right and waiting sometimes hours for the sun to be at the right angle. many shots make light work but you can be 50% certain the best one was when the motor was in the 20th during rewind. I once shot an eagle eating over water the video I shot at the same time showed that it's claws were ready to pick up a fish for only 125th of a second, so good technique practice and anticipation is the only sure way of getting those shots. No motor wind could guarentee . Yes digital is great , easy ? the problems of getting the great shots are still the same believe me If you fancy a look at what I do just google Phillip McCordall I've a big youtube channel , that may interest you.
  13. As an ex pro who used verylarge format 10"x8" that in 2000 cost around £20 a sheet processed, I learnt that 1 great shot is better than 1000 mediocre ones :)))
  14. Thankyou, I'm certainly impressed by the replies I'm getting
  15. Thanks, I'll certainly hang around a few locks and see what's involved at the very least.