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  1. Hello everyone, Thank you for all your comments and concern, however diverse in your conclusions about our trip, me and Simon really appreciate it! We have decided to postpone it due to a number of reasons, but thank you all of you for giving us your experience and consideration. I know you guys come from very different boating backgrounds so it was great to get different views on the best way forward. Let's agree to disagree... It's nearly Christmas! Have a lovely boating Christmas and stay warm! Kind regards, Angelique and Simon
  2. Thank you Kevin, that's very kind! I'd personally really like to have some experienced company, particularly on the tidal part of the route. Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, Considering everything you have all said, we have decided to Moor our boat in the area we are in at the moment for the rest of the winter, and have our adventure northwsrds at Easter time. At least this way, we have friends and family to look after our boat for the next few months. We were so excited to have an adventure, but we do have time constraints and as you have all said the winter's specific set of problems on the canals may take the joy and excitement out of it very quickly. Thank you everyone for your points and feedback, it's helped immensely. The Duker - thank you for your feedback and the suggestion of your friend to help us at the trent. We will think on it and look you up in April! Jen in wellies - thank you for your points and the link. Another very good resource we didn't know about! Thanks everyone again, have a great weekend.
  4. Yes, it's true. We are novices, and the last thing we want/need is to get stuck somewhere. Hi., thanks for replying. I think you may have the best compromised solution...getting part of the way there... Route planner has suggested that we could get to Shropshire relatively quickly up the Severn. As far as I can see, there are no stoppages. Do you know anything about cruising up the Severn? Will we need to worry about tides etc. Like on the ouse and trent? Doing my own research now but if anyone has any info on this stretch we'd be very grateful.
  5. yes... one person has suggested getting our boat up there by road. Not sure about costings or who I would go to (any suggestions very welcome!) It's just unfortunately the opposite of what any boater wants! We would really like to give the 3 week cruise a go... But we do appreciate the time constraints and the difficulty of travelling this time of year. Difficult situation and time isn't on our side!
  6. Thank you, I hadn't seen this route planner. Do you know if it calculates the quickest route?
  7. Hello! Two newbies hoping for some advice! We bought our gorgeous 40ft Hancock and Lane narrow boat 6 months ago. We love boat life and are currently moored in Gloucester and Sharpness canal. Unfortunately, my partner's Dad has become ill and we need to relocate asap over the Christmas holidays to as close to canal-less Newcastle as possible. Looking at the map we think Ripon canal is the closest. Does anybody have any idea of the best route to get there? We have researched various routes and have been given some advice, but interested to know if peeps with knowledge of England's canals can help us. I have checked the winter stoppages and they mostly end on 15th December, re-starting again on 8th January. We are hoping to do the majority of our travelling in this time. We are completely new to cruising and we were hoping for a bit of advice if you have a spare 5 mins! Thank you in advance, Angelique and Simon
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