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  1. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    That is my biggest concern too, I heard back from a very helpful mooring manager at today CRT and has confirmed that their Agenda 21 moorings can be transferred with the sale of the boat. But advised that I consult her before putting any money down. Ofcourse this does make it very much a sellers market in Oxford! I spoke to an estate agent who sold a boat on an a21 mooring last month and she said it went within a week. So if I peruse this route I'll have to take whatever comes up. Which is concerning. Especially if a buyer comes along that isn't bothered by a hull survey that I have to compete with.
  2. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    I read in the paper the other day that the latest generation has rebelled against the excessis of the previous one by drinking less and studying hard. Difficult to believe! I hope there's some truth in it! I was definitely one of those students that got noise complaints...
  3. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    You raise a very good point, I must admit it is the winters that make me nervous. I have been researching the various options of heating systems etc. being woken early in the morning up by a noisy water pump in the central heating system vs. drawing short straws under the duvet for someone to run out and get the fire going. But I'd be curious to what extent my current experience is applicable. I worked 3 winters as a punter in Cambridge, I would have to grit the deck to avoid slipping straight of the ice into the river and then break the ice in the boat to bail it. I'd be out all day and no matter what clothes you bought the run off from the punt pole would get into your gloves and feet. I'd be out for several hours every day. Of course I would go home to a nice warm flat with central heating and a hot shower and have 2 days off a week. But I find it hard to imagine narrow boat living being any worse. And I still enjoyed being outdoors.
  4. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    It sounds like you're doing exactly what I want to do. I've noted I should have enough change to buy a 3 bedroom ex council house in Coventry which I could rent per room to students for a good return. I'm yet to do any serious research, apart from looking at housing prices on right move. But it sounds much better to live on a boat in a lovely old city and let someone else pay my living costs. As long as, if in the future, I do want to move back to land I cash both in for a decent deposit it sounds like a good bet.
  5. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    Very good point! Looks like I need to double up my research!
  6. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    Well exactly, I could spend the entire amount on buying a place I don't want and in an area I don't want to live in. Or live on a boat that I love and be happy. As for Oxford, I will be trying to hold out for central Oxford, having to drive does very poor things for a social life! Staggering home from the pub distance has to be what, a couple of miles? If I do have to go a little further out, I did have the very romantic idea, whilst a little drunk, of commuting into town on an inflatible dinghy and an outboard (my current boat). But more realisticly I'll be buying a Velosolex. It's small enough to fit on a cruiser stern or even on the roof at a push. They only go 35mph but ridiculously pretty!
  7. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    Thanks for this, yes I should have enough change to buy a flat or a house in some areas to bring in a decent rental income. One of the perks of living on a boat, that I don't have to blow the entire amount on just somewhere for me to live but cam invest the rest. But I might wait to see what happens after Brexit before I take that punt! One thing at a time I suppose.
  8. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    Yes I saw a boat going for 80k on an Agenda 21 mooring. Which looked heavily overpriced for what it was. On the other hand, in Oxford I could also spend every last penny I have and pay 3 times as much for a shabby flat in a concrete 70s monstrosity. So probably still worth it! I need ask CRT about security of tenure, if I'm going to pay massively over the odds for the mooring I going to want to know I have a good chance of keeping it!
  9. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    28 so getting to the age where I'm a bit sick of renting and want my own place but the idea of settling in one geographical location really doesn't suit me. Being able to move my entire house sounds good! My girlfriend is 23 and doesn't want to think about a family until her 30's so we've got plenty of time to cross that bridge.
  10. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    It's not so much about investment. It has always been my dream to live on a boat, I've been mildly obsessed with messing about on waterways since I was a child. I'm just acknowledging that a narrowboat may not always be practical if I start a family one day (although I haven't ruled out upgrading to a larger barge in the future if I want littleones). I just want to know whether or not I'm burning my bridges.
  11. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    Thanks for confirming this! I was about to write to the RCT and ask if actually needed to have a boat in order to apply for a mooring.
  12. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    Thanks a lot for this Alan! Yes you got that right, I will be looking to buy second hand. Also I'm looking to live in Oxford, I start working there in June next year. Moorings are like gold dust in Oxford so I'll probably have to rent a spare room until one comes up.
  13. This is my first post on here, I fear probably the first of many! As it's my first post I'll introduce myself to the group =). I've spent a lifetime messing about on punts and dinghies and my only experience of something larger was once spending a summer as a deckhand on a Thames pleasure cruiser. So I'm about as green as they come for a liveaboard narrowboat. I'm doing as much research as I can to find out what I'm letting myself in for. I inherited the family home (well half of it) a few years ago and my sister and I will be selling it in spring next year. I have always dreamed of living on a narrowboat and I'm now very excited to make the dream a reality. However, I'm concerned about the depreciation. I'm looking to spend between £40k - £80k depending on what I'd have to spend to kit it out and whether or not it comes with the all-important residential mooring. My girlfriend and I used to live in a flat in Cambridge at £1000/ month so I'm confident we can cover maintenance and running costs from our salaries. But the money from the sale of the house is to one day go towards the deposit on our family home (a long long time in the future). So my question is, given I keep it well maintained, how much should I expect to lose from the value in the next 5 to 10 years? And what should I be looking for when buying a boat to minimise this? Thank you very much, everyone, I look forward to plaguing you all with questions over the next few months and then maybe, someday, actually being able to answer someone else's!
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